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    Reskin: E3 2011

    That's perfect! Thank you so much!
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    Mod Request

    I imagine the modding scene for this game is fairly if not completely dead due to its age but just in case someone reads this and is willing. Can I request a Dante mod? It's just a redo of the E3 2011 Dante mod since the link is dead and shouldn't take much effort but I have no idea how to mod...
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    Panty Skin

    I dunno why but this one seems to work from me. I'd like to request a panty visual mod for dantes son of sparda skin something like the one of the left blond hair red wife beater light blue...
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    RWBY Mod

    Hey can someone please make a mod that makes vergil's apperel look like adam from the upcoming roosterteeth show RWBY?
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    DmC Official Combo Competition

    So two questions after reading those rules. First is Vergil eligible since from those pics it just seems they want Dante and second how allowed are mods for pc submissions the most notable ones being hit colored demons with any weapon and more importantly turbo mode?
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    Final boss similarties and comparisons, DmC vs DMC3

    I will say though that the final DmC fight had a funny irony with the first Vergil fight its just the brother that got skewered with rebellion got switched and we saw how Vergil reacts tog getting skewed as opposed to Dante.
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    Final boss similarties and comparisons, DmC vs DMC3

    While I like DmC more then DMC 3 the final bights arent even comparable the DMC 3 one wins hands down. I will say the DmC one is more in league with the first Vergil fight rather then the last since the last is the culmination of all your trials to see if you can finally get vergil after all...
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    Permenant Mods

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    Allow me to make you a DmC signature/and or Icon!

    Alright I'll be the one to ask for Dante :P Can you give me one with Dante first getting Devil trigger with some lyric's as per the norm? When is say getting DT i mean in the cut scene when he first gets it and hes almost getting struck by the power and recoiling from it would be the preference...
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    Permenant Mods

    Hey guys I wanted to ask if it is possible to install permanent mods into the game for specific costumes. Specifically speaking what I would like to do is install the E3 2011 mod permanently into the game for standard white hair Dante specifically. The effect I would like this to cause would be...
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    DmC Cosplay

    good amount of new dante's showing up no new vergils i see yet.
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    vergil the beast .possible spoilers

    Oh i fully expect them to make make Vergil fight Dante early on in the sequel and utterly destroy Dante in the fight but let him live so he can watch Vergil conqor humanity and destroy everything he loves as punishment for the ending of DmC
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    E3 2011 Style Dante

    Thanks again for making it for me dude I appreciate it. (I honestly prefer this coat over the old one so much i don't ever boot up the game without this mod now XD)