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Recent content by Limeade

  1. L

    Can somebody make a nude patch for DMC 5?

    He's just saying 'be yourself.' Be you. It's supposed to be a positive affirmation. :3 As for the thread topic, I wouldn't mind such a patch/mod whatsoever. ;) Having a naked Dante fighting on my screen would be really fun.
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    Black-kat - DmC™ Alternative Outfit Texture Mod

    I really like this. Suits her a lot better, makes her a bit more mysterious and a bit more edgy, imo. The leggings are a nice touch. The weird short shorts decision for her character just didn't make sense to me. I'd love to see a good pair of jeans on her instead. The leggings really help...
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    "Handsome in HD" Mod

    I think the mod is awesome. It is the main reason I signed up here to snag it. :) I'm very appreciative of the effort to make the mod and to share it with others. Don't listen to the negatives, do what you want with your own art and your own mod. If people don't like it, that's fine. Just...