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    lady mods?

    any mods/texture packs for lady?
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    Vergil Sparda Judgement Cut mod baby Aw Yeah Aw Yeah

    how does this work lmao looks dopee
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    vergil bloody palace mod?

    found one here, but that doesnt work- only shows "corrupted save"
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    Reupload: Vergil's bloody palace

    i did everything in the "read me' file, but when i turned on the game, it said "corrupted save" and didnt work. please help ;-;
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    yes daddy

    yes daddy
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    more enemy spawn mod?

    if anyone has any mods to make more enemies spawn in each area (especially in vergil's downfall part) it would be really appreciated. thanks.
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    Two slightly updated mods

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    Reupload: Trickster angel dash + faster rainstorm

    hey um isnt this supposed to make my rainstorm faster? it's the same as before ;-; but i do have angel dash enhancement, so that works. but what about my rainstorm uwu
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    DmC Faster Rainstorm Mod by SamD

    dude can u pls upload it again? the link is dead ;-;
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    Reupload: Trickster angel dash + faster rainstorm

    ok lol mine isnt steam version. but it stil doesnt seem to work for me ;-;
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    Voidsoul Dante (another mod with altered effects)

    download link is borken ;-; can anyone re-upload?
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    need a little help with using some of the mods uwu

    ok so im having trouble with figuring out how to use the ".tpf" files. they're mostly mods that change visuals such as the emo dante mod and the special effects mod. would be really nice if someone told me how and where to use the .tpf files? thanks <3
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    Mod Request

    ok so how do i use these .tpf files?
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    Special Effects

    how to use?