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    well geeky is being a geek oh and english is also my second language but equally good at it as my own whatya think about the new dmc
    Lili Rochefort
    wow great! knowing english as well as ur first language is one of the best achievements! :D good for the people who english is their mother tounge.... well about Dmc.... I don't really like it... but I'm going to buy it because of it's story.... and also.... it 's game play and this new Dante might be not that bad! ;)
    how about you.... you like this new DmC!?
    yup all the mystery in it makes me wanna buy ninja theory are good with story so i expect it to be good
    I'm bussy nowadays.... I'll be available about 2 months later! miss ya till then....
    Chibi Dante
    Awww, even though I didn't get to know you that well, I'll miss you. T^T
    So nice of you are indeed a friendly devil :)
    Actually this avatar closely resembles my profile pic on FB...LOL
    I've just traded it in (with a few other things) and now enjoying The Last Remnant. Bloke I spoke to when trading FF13 also didn't think much of it. Hopefully FF versus 13 will be good.

    Oh.....late reply is late. lol :p
    I don't really live too near any cities, I guess the nearest might be Truro city. As far as I know there aren't too many costume shops, although I don't know about Truro, but I doubt it has much. London would probably be the best bet for anything of that style.
    It's the little chocobo from FF13. Played it? I found it confusing (storywise) at first then I just felt let down when I completed it (though saying that I'm trying to finish up all the hunting missions and stuff.)
    Yeah I'm giving DINO a chance. I thought I'd see how I felt about him peering back at me in avatar form. So far, so good....I still think he looks like a zombie tho! :D
    Howdy! Things are fine, I'm being lazy lolJ ust looking for a job and looking to getting a few gig tickets if I can afford it ( the one gig I wanna go to is a comedy gig but it's up in Newcastle which ain't gonna be cheap when it comes to trains; the other is for saul williams but I got to get to manchester and again train tickets aren't cheap. :< )

    How are you doing?
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