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    Hiya, it's thero

    I'm from the Netherlands and people seem more stoked on coffee but a lot of peeps do also really like tea. It's a mix here I suppose. I'm not a huge coffee fan but lately I seem to like it more. I just don't have the urge to really dig into it too much :P. Considering tea I find green, black and...
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    Welcome back. If you wouldn't be able to fight you would have no reason to be here to be honest :]. It's good to see people return to franchises when a sequel is released. DMC is still relevant :cool:
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    I brought pizza for everyone

    Welcome to the forum! I'm a bit late so I won't be frustrated if you're out of pizza :P. Regarding the people ripping on the game, some people are never satisfied and it seems there is some trend going on that hating on everything is a good thing. Even youtubers start to make videos that are...
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    Hello there

    Welcome! And 33-34 isn't that old, in my opinion. It really depends how much you've done in those 33 years ;).
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    Hiya, it's thero

    Welcome to the forum! And nice, another tea person :laugh:. I usually only meet coffee peeps for some reason.
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    Hey guys. Any devil trigger memes fans here?

    Welcome to the forum :]. I'm not much of a meme professor, so I can't say I have any feedback for you :P.
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    [SPOILER WARNING] Datamined 4th Playable Character on Video

    Ah right. I'm just very late.
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    [SPOILER WARNING] Datamined 4th Playable Character on Video

    Damn, too late. Taken down by copyright claim ._.
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    [SPOILER WARNING] Datamined 4th Playable Character on Video

    Ah yeah, good point. Well, first of April is approaching fast so we'll know soon enough. Vergil with a story would be great. It could easily fit into the game as well. Dante and Vergil go on a trip to save the world while Nero stays behind. Starting a mini campaign from that point (end of the...
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    [SPOILER WARNING] Datamined 4th Playable Character on Video I guess it's confirmed. I don't really know if it was already known though. Haven't been very up to date.
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    [SPOILER WARNING] Datamined 4th Playable Character on Video

    Yeah, seems very unlikely now that he won't be around. Awesome. Love where DMC5 is going.
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    DMC 5 is a blast!* Corrected it for you :P. It's not over yet!
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    Welcome! :smile:
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    Reddit User Finds a V Tech

    Cool. That will help me get less frustrated. Seems to be a must to master this while using "V".
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    Fair enough, I think I've seen that in a clip on twitter a few times. Thanks for the explanation :] Awesome tips Taramafor. Some I've discovered already but fail to use properly and others are new :]. Will just keep working at it. I'm not a total newbie in hack & slash games though, locking on...