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  • Thought I'd just drop by and say hello, I have this habit of sparking up random conversation anyway. :P

    I see we have another Vergil fan in the mix. :laugh:
    I really wish you good luck on your maths Exam sweetie ^_^ Try not to get too worked up and stressed about it. And it's cool that you're French. I would love to go to Paris with my girlfriend some time.

    Hey, could you please check out my short story in the Fan Fic section entitled 'Dante May Cry'? I would hugely appreciate feedback, thanks :)
    For revision it's best to take small amounts in over a period of time. Don't rush your learning. Just concentrate on remembering the key areas in what you're trying to excel at. If you try to remember too much stuff all at once, you are bound to get stressed. Try those things that calm you down, perhaps whilst revising. Make sure you're comfortable also when doing it, and take your time. Monday is a whole 6 days away. 6 days is better than nothing, it's not like it's tomorrow after all ;) Trust me, don't worry about everything. You will do fine, just know you will and have faith in yourself. You will do good, believe me. :D

    Anyway, I have to take off now. See you later sweetie ^_^ Take care, stay safe and relax. x
    Hey that's okay, don't be upset sweetie :) I'm sure you'll do well, just try not to get too stressed okay? Thanks for the compliments, and likewise :)

    If you ever need to talk to anyone, I'm right here okay? :D
    Oh hey :)

    Thanks for reading my Concept, many thanks to you ^_^ I'm really glad that you liked it and all, was a pleasure writing it. I would do more, if I wasn't so occupied :laugh:

    I'll read your thread tomorrow okay? :D

    How are you? :)
    I really hope they do otherwise some might lose faith in Capcom. I never finished watching the anime version, Dante was just too different and I didn't care for it.
    Maybe he didn't let her die, but some how she did and if he's in hiding, maybe that's why. Maybe they can't figure out what to do with him so they keep going off on tangents. I hope they figure it out in DMC5.
    Definitely, I never thought discussing possible game concepts could be fun. Mainly because I never had one and because I didn't want to get my hopes up in the event that the game is not what I had anticipated. However, I see your point. Now that I think about it, the whole game could be very confusing and perhaps that's why my friend couldn't understand what was going on when he played it.
    It's okay. I think Vergil has a grudge against humans, don't know why. I definitely want those two to show up in DMC5. They should also explore that in DMC5, what Dante and Vergil have against Sparda and their mother. I can't remember her name right now.
    Actually, I don't believe they say. A lot of people assume he died but he could be alive just missing-in-action.
    Maybe Dante is just really upset about Sparda's death and that's how he chooses to handle it. Although, he could really be angry with Sparda and have really disowned him. That's another difference between the twins, one loves his father and the other loves his mother.
    Me, too. I think he'd appreciate it more than Dante if Sparda popped up. Dante really doesn't seem to care about anything. But then again, maybe Dante's just hiding it and instead of being introverted and dedicated to a cause, he's just laid back and makes jokes ane such.
    I agree. I think the reason he is so power hungry is because he's trying to compensate for losing his parents. But obviously, he won't show that and the only clue we get from that is his deep connection to Yamato.
    I agree. I really hope Vergil returns in DMC5. For me, the villains offer more of a story because I always want to know why they are they way they are. That's why the DMC games are fun for me because Dante's not a typical hero and Vergil is not really evil.
    "Who has the biggest brain?" Vergil's my favorite character. I often root for the "bad guy" although honestly, I don't think Vergil really is a bad guy just misguided and misunderstood.
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