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Recent content by Lady95

  1. Lady95

    Sparda being a "deadbeat"

    I definitely agree with this! Dante and Vergil were 8 when their life got ruined (and Sparda was already absent before then), no matter how illogical it may seems, in my opinion, it makes perfect sense for a kid that was awfully traumatized to blame the source of his trauma. Sparda may not have...
  2. Lady95

    General DMC 5 Discussion

    You mean gameplay-wise?
  3. Lady95


    Thank you and nice to met you as well! :D
  4. Lady95


    Thank you! And nice to met you! :)
  5. Lady95

    Dante needs a girlfriend - a wife (ver. 2)

    As much as I'd love for him and Lady to get together, I don't think Dante is ever going to settle down. He's made it quite clear that he doesn't want kids or a romantic relationship, I guess the trauma of losing his mother and brother the way he did made it pretty much impossible for him to take...
  6. Lady95


    Hello! New member here! I've been playing DMC since 3 and have fallen in love with it! I've played all the games of the saga and I've been wanting to find a nice place to discuss it with other fans since forever, so I'm glad I've found this forum! I may be a bit of an oddball, in the sense...