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Recent content by KtWtWiS43

  1. KtWtWiS43

    DMC5 Bad Review *SPOILERS*

    Ayyyy been waiting for this! These guys go to town on DMC5. I'm kind of at the point where I forgot all the nit picky things that bothered me, just because it's been normalized by now. But there's a lot of opinions in this review that I was waiting for SOMEONE to say. Thoughts? Long as ****...
  2. KtWtWiS43

    DMC5 Vid Says CAPCOM is Getting It Wrong

    Great comments in this thread overall guys :thumbsup: Anyways: I see this as being one of the main points in the video. Seeing them bend backwards totally validates the point of "CAPCOM being followers." While I agree that there's a lot of pessimism in the video, I think the video blames...
  3. KtWtWiS43

    DMC5 Vid Says CAPCOM is Getting It Wrong

    I thought it was interesting that they didn't mention gameplay at all, which for the most part has always been phenomenal. It feels like their analysis focused more on the "creative direction" of the series. Not sure if that provides any basis to assume that DMC5 is gunna suck, but we won't...
  4. KtWtWiS43

    DMC5 Vid Says CAPCOM is Getting It Wrong

    ***SPOILERS*** ***LEAKS*** Yoooooooooo, saw this blowing up on my feed. Thoughts my Devils?
  5. KtWtWiS43

    Hot news: Itsuno wanted to do a DmC2!

    “I really wanted to make a DmC: Devil May Cry 2, after the first one. -- I was really pumped up to do it, and then that didn’t happen. So… when it came time to make a new game, we said, alright, let’s make Devil May Cry 5." --Hideaki Itsuno (Source link...
  6. KtWtWiS43

    Devil May Cry Reveal Trailer | Does This Even Look Like DMC?

    Itsuno saying "Devil May Cry is BACK!" felt pretty disingenuous right off the top, considering he directly supported and oversaw DmC in 2013. Feels like Capcom pandering to original series fans for brownie points. His "We made this game for YOU," tagline felt pretty ****ty too. What that really...
  7. KtWtWiS43

    Devil May Cry Movie: Screen Gems (2011)

    Anyone remember when Screen Gems bought the rights to a Devil May Cry movie in 2011 and nothing ever happened? Of course, Screen Gems also pushed out the Resident Evil movies, so maybe it's all for the best that they haven't made a Devil May Cry movie yet. I remember there also being rumblings...
  8. KtWtWiS43

    Why is Dante so DMC3 like in DMC4?

    Honestly, this question's already been answered in the thread, but the fact is that DMC3 and DMC4 were made by the same teams, three years apart. They continued with a cockier version of the character as seen in DMC3, mostly because of how poorly received Dante was in DMC2. Arguably, Kamiya's...
  9. KtWtWiS43

    Why I Don't Need Another Devil May Cry Game

    Thanks for all your positive responses! Looking to the future, it feels to me as if this botched line of development for a major franchise, isn't likely to happen in quite the same way again. With social media, and online sites, fans are so much more connected than they used to be and can very...
  10. KtWtWiS43

    Why I Don't Need Another Devil May Cry Game

    It's been 5 years since 2012. I remember it vividly. I was in college. We were all waiting to see how DmC was going to turn out. There were alot of arguments, alot of quality discussions, and alot of worrying about the future of the franchise. Since then, I've graduated with a Bachelors, fallen...
  11. KtWtWiS43

    Vergil is not dead.He just entered other dimension.

    Vergil's soul is released from Mundus's hold after Dante defeats Mundus on Mallet Island. Finally free, Vergil is only a shell of his former self. To create Trish, Mundus took what was left of Eva from Vergil, now leaving him hollow. Mundus also used Vergil to create Nero, as a successor to...
  12. KtWtWiS43

    Why DMC1 is still that damn good.

    Probably one of the best tracks in the series. Perfect, I love it. One of my all time favs
  13. KtWtWiS43

    Future of the Devil May Cry franchise?

    Why do I get the feeling that the Capcom office is like Marty and Dana at the end of "Cabin in the Woods" holding each other, crying, smoking a doobie saying "Maybe it's time to give someone else a chance" ?
  14. KtWtWiS43

    Dmc sells NOT 2 GOOD In IT's 2ND WEEK :(

    I think this thread is going to breed the exact kind of reaction you just had. Blaming poor sales on "the haters" is just going to perpetuate this flame war that Capcom started in the first place to cause controversy among the fans to sell the damn game in the first place. The game's out there...
  15. KtWtWiS43

    Sales Figures--DmC--Worth the reboot?

    Yeah I hear you there. My choice of Kamiya stems not only from the fact that I simply do not trust any other developer with the job, but because I feel like it's a step in the right direction. It's impossible to guess whether it'd be enough to save the entire series, or bring in loads of cash...