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Recent content by Koschei

  1. Koschei

    Free Games

    Also, Warhamer 40000 Space Marine is free on Humble Bundle today
  2. Koschei

    Free Games

    Did somebody here not play Witcher 1 and wants to? I got one on gog, but since I already have it, I can gift it to someone, just post/pm your mail.
  3. Koschei

    Your reaction to the DMC5 reveal

    The monster design is awesome, love the "insecty" look and love the hands-angel thing, whatever that is. On the other hand, the music burned my ears, it's below horrible. And that's incredibly sad given how awesome music in the series was. I don't mind Nero's redesign, he always felt like...
  4. Koschei

    Bullet Witch - Gungrave meets Bayonetta

    And frankly, if somebody told me that such an awesome concept may look so uninteresting, I wouldn't believe them. Then again, perhaps the game is more interesting to play than it is to watch. Did anyone play it? What are your thoughts?
  5. Koschei

    Random DMC Stuff

    I'm not sure if it hasn't been posted somewhere already but: FORNICATE THOU!
  6. Koschei

    Alzur's Legacy - fanmade Witcher movie fundraising

    Hi :) I've just found out that a fan-made (but quite well-looking) movie set in the Witcher universe is looking for funding. The quarter of the film is already done, but the team needs money for large battle scenes, amongst other things. The story takes place half a century after the last book...
  7. Koschei

    Recommend me a beautiful game

    I'm a fan of this game too :) Have you played the first one? It's more disturbing, I think, thanks to the creepy early 3D graphics and the OST, which is in my opinion even better (composed by Chris Vrenna. Oh, and Marilyn Manson was involved in the creation of the game).
  8. Koschei

    What are you currently playing?

    I got Gwent beta key recently and I have to say I quite enjoy it. I was also shocked by how bad the English dub is.
  9. Koschei

    General Gaming News

    Oh, I was hoping that the trailer art style is representative of the game... This looks so basic
  10. Koschei

    Recommend me a beautiful game

    Oh yes, I forgot to include Bloodborne, because I haven't played it (don't have ps4) - but the game looks absolutely gorgeous (even more so than the Souls series, which also has amazing design). I haven't heard of this game, but it does look beautiful. I'll certainly give it a try. Which FF...
  11. Koschei

    Recommend me a beautiful game

    Not just any game - I'm looking for games that feature beautiful architecture. Devil May Cry has it's fair share of astonishing locations (see here or here). Other games that come to mind would be Castlevania series (SotN, CoD or LoS2). I'm especially interested in the mix of gothic and modern...
  12. Koschei

    DMC1 Nero Mod

    Wow, it really looks great :)
  13. Koschei

    Castlevania Netflix

    Unless it's Ayami Kojima herself, I can only think of Yoshitaka Amano and Yoshiaki Kawajiri. But I doubt they're going to go in that direction, it would probably prove too costly.
  14. Koschei

    Castlevania Netflix

    Soo, we have first poster. I'm kinda concerned by how "dark" it's been said it's going to be, given that Castlevanias were usually rather kitschy. I don't want it to turn grim and gritty...