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  • Tracklist:
    1. Transmission Part II (exclusive)
    2. Mundus Fight
    3. Sequential One (exclusive full ver.)
    4. Panic (part of 'Lilith's Club by NOISIA)
    5. Clouds of War
    6. Succubus Fight (part of 'Poison Theme' by NOISIA)
    7. Secret Ingredient (part of 'Poison Theme' aswell)
    8. How Old Is Your Soul?
    9. Face Your Demon (exclusive)
    10. Sun of Ice (exclusive)
    11. I am Vergil ('Better Half (The End)' by NOSIA)
    Hiya! Sorry for being so late (>.>); Anyway, about the soundrack: It's pretty short (about 30 mins), but there ARE some exclusive tracks >:3 About uploading it somewhere... well, I'm a little scared about the whole copyright thing, so I'd rather not do that. But if you give me your e-mail, I'd be more than happy to mail them to you :3
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    If you could e-mail them that would be awesome. :O
    Thanks so much for sharing! I couldn't find any information about this in terms of unboxings, package details, etc and e-capcom sold them all too!

    Heres my e-mail:

    [email protected]

    I definitely want to check out those exclusive tracks! Thanks again. :)
    For helping me out with my pre-order I wanted to give you something in return. Would you like me to make you a signature? :)
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