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Recent content by JessenReinhart

  1. JessenReinhart

    [SPOILER WARNING] Datamined 4th Playable Character on Video

    Vergil DLC with actual story!!! i hope that's the case.
  2. JessenReinhart

    Final Verdict (may contain spoilers)

    the game is alot of fun, even though the controls can be a bit tiring to the hands with keyboard and mouse. especially with dante lol. the story, it was great, although i would love to see vergil and nero interact more. the ending is a bit too open ended i guess, i wish they kinda closed the...
  3. JessenReinhart

    Reuben Langdon?

    that "wahooooo" is VERY familiar though XD
  4. JessenReinhart

    Here's the Song, Folks.

    the lyrics are just too cheesy/cringy for me IMO, especially that "devil trigger" part. the instruments are nice though.
  5. JessenReinhart

    Dmc 5 is here. Lets speculate :)

    ah, could very well be. though, i would love to see atleast a closure on dante's story, and continuing Nero's journey, or even a prequel game starring sparda.
  6. JessenReinhart

    Dmc 5 is here. Lets speculate :)

    its on a box art leak somewhere in this forum i think.
  7. JessenReinhart

    Dmc 5 is here. Lets speculate :)

    so basically its ALL dmc combined? sorta like MGS4, and they even said that this dmc will be the final chapter.
  8. JessenReinhart

    Dmc 5 is here. Lets speculate :)

    whoa it's been a long time since i last posted here! totally hyped for DMC5 and praying for the best for my wallet. nero totally looks like what i've imagined he would be in DmC Reboot universe (or Earth-2 since it didn't really rebooted the timeline now), with the cyborg arm and all that.
  9. JessenReinhart

    What are you currently playing?

    Assassin's Creed Rogue
  10. JessenReinhart

    Character first impressions

    i thought dajjal only have 1 eye..
  11. JessenReinhart

    Who else is replaying it to build hype for the remake?

    my laptop's broken so.. no :(
  12. JessenReinhart

    DMQ: Devil May Quickscope

    see if you are still sane.. or if you can still call yourself... W33D! i lol'd
  13. JessenReinhart

    DmC Definitive Edition for PS4 & Xbox One

    i thought MGSV is going to be for PC too ._.
  14. JessenReinhart


    yikes... knowing capcom, its probably the latter.. i hope that's not the case, because the trailer got me interested..
  15. JessenReinhart

    Command & Conquer creators announce new RTS

    when i heard the title, i thought it would be like an Indie 2D cute little RTS.... it looks awesome though. its been a long time since i've played any RTS games :/