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Recent content by HeroOfTime

  1. HeroOfTime

    New characters for DMC6

    I would like to see Dante and Vergil return and actually be a team for a full game no need for Nero and Nico at all or the other's just one big bro bonding mission between the pair. That said if i was to design a new hunter i think a preacher with holy magic and a kinda old cross mace or axe...
  2. HeroOfTime

    Nero's own DMC crew

    I kinda would prefer more of Dantes group as for Nero he could tag along
  3. HeroOfTime

    What is your favorite playable character?

    Dante Virgil Nero(from 4) Lady/Trish V Nero(from 5) Lucia
  4. HeroOfTime

    Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

    Honestly i love the gameplay yet the story was a bit of a let down. Nico was annoying as hell Nero went from a ok guy to well i take one comnent to my grave kinda hated his push front and center and the twist with V made me upset no spoilers from me but if 6 keeps this story idea with Nero i...
  5. HeroOfTime

    Why You Should Be Hyped For Devil May Cry 5

    Thats a long one lol but i read it all and well with all respect i disagree i am happy for the game but altho Nero is cool Devil May Cry is Dantes story so making him not the main guy will always be a sour spot for me
  6. HeroOfTime

    Do we deserve a DMC 5 or DmC 2?

    What no that's not what you should ask you should ask after what they did do they deserve our money they need to show they can make a good game again and prove that we should buy from them we are not entitled but if they don't deliver then we don't pay them thats all
  7. HeroOfTime

    Rated "M" For "Male Fantasy"

    I personally hate this girl her attitude but i am willing to give them a chance in future trailers to change my mind
  8. HeroOfTime

    Should Dante, Trish and Lady Have Been Left Out of DMC4 Entirely?

    I would of preferd two story's like in DMC 2 or the DMC spechiel edition a story for Nero and one for Dante kinda like their original idea i heard about
  9. HeroOfTime

    Nero's Sparda power

    Yeah but he kinda needs the Yamato for his devil trigger as things are i mean him getting a new devil arm might unlock his devil trigger but we don't really know because he only had one in his game
  10. HeroOfTime

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the welcome
  11. HeroOfTime

    Sengoku Basara vs Devil May Cry stage show [FULL]

    I watched it and it was a blast love the props
  12. HeroOfTime

    Vergil vs Sephiroth (Death Battle)

    I can't wait to watch it i love watching death battle and Dante vs Bayonetta was one of my favorites
  13. HeroOfTime

    Changes to Kyrie after DMC4?

    I kinda see her as a singer after the events it seems like the order is gone so they need to make a new life
  14. HeroOfTime

    Can you guy list the similar traits between DmC Dante and DMC3 Dante?

    Lol what? No no no Dante in 3 is not a jerk or ass**** he's just not into girls who shot at him for no reason lol
  15. HeroOfTime

    Morrison's demon knowledge

    Sounds cool to me i just wish we knew more about him and that could fight better against at lest low level demons