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  • Well, I'm glad you're getting more time for yourself. People get less stressed out that way, if they've got time just to do aboslutely nothing if they choose to.
    Yeah, long time. Nothing much really, got invited to a party today but other than that it's the same thing different day. You?
    I have a basic idea of which I want to study. I've applied to my "dream college" so if I get in, I know what I'm taking and I have a basic idea of where I want to be after I graduate. I might have to take the placement test because the school requires a number of test to be taken some time during high school, but, I couldn't take them because I was out of state.
    I guess that's why movies like Resident Evil and horror movies about artifical intelligence systems deciding to wipe out the human race are much more scary because in this day and age, science is reaching new heights and viruses like that of the T-virus and stuff like that could happen. Okay, that theory could be a little out there, but you never know.
    Definitely. I'm waiting to find a horror movie that can generally scare a viewer and an interesting, original plot doesn't hurt either. Seems nowadays the only kind of horror movies are remakes or stuff that has so much TNA in it, it feels like I'm watching something I didn't sign on for.
    Yeah, waiting for people to pick up their laundry is pretty annoying. I used to sit there and wait for my clothes to get done so no one touched my clean clothes with dirty hands. I have a pet peeve about that. That was before I moved, so now things are different.
    That's a good philosophy. I need to learn to go with the flow more :lol: Glad to hear you're doing well ^_^
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