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  • Hey man, do you know if Vergil's gameplay animations in DMC4SE were mocapped or manually animated? Cause I've seen they're amazingly fluid, and also, the way the movements are executed, like the sheathing animations, remind me A LOT of how Dan Southworth handles a katana. I recognize his "touch" there.

    I tried asking him directly on Facebook but he didn't reply. Do you have any info about it?
    I'm afraid I don't have a definitive answer on this right now, but for what it's worth, on our E3 livestream this year with Reuben Langdon, Reuben surprised me by mentioning that he didn't perform mocap for any of Dante's in-game combat, aside from a few taunts.

    ↑Right around the 24:00 mark.

    [...cont'd] That doesn't mean the same holds true for Vergil, but it certainly gives an indication of how sophisticated the animators working on this game were, so it's really hard to say. I had ASSUMED all the in-game stuff was mocapped (and then embellished), but I guess not if Reuben's account is accurate!
    Yeh I knew that about Reuben. I just thought Dan must have performed some mocap for Vergil's combat animation, cause they're really freakin well done.
    gregaman, so i've read in the forum that there's a plot about DmC sequel, something about dante's uncle. Was it officially brainstormed or was it just something you had in mind? i was just wondering, if it were official, were early designs already made? and if for obvious reasons we won't get a sequel, could you share those early designs? that would be priceless.. thx b4
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    thing is that came from a guy named Donnie who worked on DmC and Vergil's Downfall and it was an official thing, just his idea of what should happen.
    MWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA.. damnit! that dumb moment when you got the wrong guy.. thx z218, but uh, donnie's not around anymore does he? well i hope gregaman knew something about this..
    I've certainly never heard anything about this, but it's possible that this was brainstormed at some point. Definitely a question for NT.
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