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Recent content by GinDan

  1. GinDan

    Why Yamato is so OP than Rebellion and Sparda ?

    Yamato looks like a divine sword compared to Rebellion Devil Sword Dante and Sparda
  2. GinDan

    New characters for DMC6

    Dante will never have children. But i think Nero will have Children , because Bingo likes Nero a lot and he likes to write for him.
  3. GinDan

    The future of Dante

    Dante will always be in Sparda's shadow I mean he may be more powerful than his father, but he will always be in daddy's shadow. For me Dante is like Goku from DBS not smart don't care about sex he he love eat and fight
  4. GinDan

    New characters for DMC6

    Nero will never take Dante's place. I did some poll on other forum Devil May Cry France, Spain, Germany People still voted Dante and Vergil not voting much for Nero. + Many don't like the shameful treatment of Bingo on Dante
  5. GinDan

    SDT Dante Suck

    The design looks like a Diablo. The time limit compared to Vergil's SDT is a shame. Right after Dante puts his knees on the ground. Dante moveset is limited. He doesn't even speak he screams like a moron. Add the DSD sword gives the SDT if this sword is destroyed Dante loses his SDT
  6. GinDan

    Dante sealing his power

    Nero will have children for sure with Kyrie. But Dante honestly ? he is like a Goku. And in BTN , Lucia is in love with Dante but he doesn't care. In the version of Kamiya Dante would have a child but in the version of Bingo, Itsuno nope. I already said but as long as Bingo will remain...
  7. GinDan

    New characters for DMC6

    Oh God i hope no Nero is boring as **** i prefer a game with Vergil is more interestng than nero
  8. GinDan

    Anyone else disappointed by vergil's SDT?

    Vergil SDT is better than Dante i play with SDT Vergil i loved Dante sdt Dante suck is limited and have no damage like vergil
  9. GinDan

    Dante sealing his power

    WTF Dante will never have a child It was already said Dante does not want a descendant in the novels. Even Itsuno and Bingo have already said they won't write for Dante that's why Nero is Vergil's child. + Dante is not smart about how to seal his powers
  10. GinDan

    Capcom hates Dante?

    I read somewhere that the first director of DMC2 disliked Kamiya's Dante + Bingo Moriashi don't like to write for Dante. And Itsuno wants to exclude Dante from the Story there is an interview with Itsuno in the manga Vision of V he says DMC5 is the story of Nico, V (ergil) Nero but he's not...
  11. GinDan

    Death of Rebellion

    rebellion suck she doesn't have the power or charisma of Yamato a ****ty sword
  12. GinDan

    Is me or Devil sword dante compared to Yamato is not powerfull ?

    Yamato Cut dimensions / Cut reality / Seal the gates of hell / Becomes a shield crystal / Separates the human and the demon / Cuts material and bypasses durability. Devil Sword Dante Create swords and that's it. she's supposed to be the most powerful weapon in DMC she has no damn ability...
  13. GinDan

    Can Dante transform it without weapons?

    -> Dante says the same things DT SDT and basic form against Urizen -> Vergil does not need Yamato he had his DT without Yamoto in the manga -> In DMC1 Dante does not have Rebellion he can not DT. -> he is weak, he has not managed to defeat Mundus alone with the power of his father and the...
  14. GinDan

    Can Dante transform it without weapons?

    Urizen breaks rebellion Dante loses DT In the end Dante is weaker than Nero and Vergil? They do not need a weapon to switch to DT -> Dante SDT have Limited time compared to Vergil. -> He can not speak in this form compared to Vergil. -> Dante does not know how to fight without weapons...