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Recent content by Gaflima

  1. Gaflima

    I'ts kinda weird visiting this forum after being absent for so long, it's a great nostalgia trip.

    I'ts kinda weird visiting this forum after being absent for so long, it's a great nostalgia trip.
  2. Gaflima

    NT hiring for a new AAA game using UE4.

    A Website Introduction Video with a (probably) first look at their next game: (0:47 - 2:00 - 2:40) ;)
  3. Gaflima

    XBOX720(lol) may have always online DRM?

    I hate rumors and now I'm just waiting until Microsoft say something. Nobody knows about the next Xbox but them: www.computerandvideogames.com/400389/durango-always-online-not-required-360-bc-provided-via-add-on-report/
  4. Gaflima

    Mrrandomlulz'z HALL OF SHAME

    Well, in my opinion all this "DmC Devil May Cry" part of the forums should be renamed to "The Hall Of Shame". Almost everything I'm seeing here are flame wars and blatant hate posts. I thought that BEFORE it's was bad, but now... it's just sad.
  5. Gaflima

    Tameem Antoniades (DmC director) was on the PS4 stream

    The guy appears at the PLAYSTATION 4 announcement stream, with his game company at the developing list, which means they are on new projects, and you guys "feel bad" for him? I don't understand you people.
  6. Gaflima

    Bloody Palace mode coming 20/02/13.

  7. Gaflima

    Dmc sells NOT 2 GOOD In IT's 2ND WEEK :(

    I'm sorry, but I stay with Meg this time. She already said everything. Some people are just generalizing the world "haters" to blame everything, it's just stupid. I'm a big supporter of the game, but I can see that the PR was horrible since the very beggining. I'm failing to see the "hypocrisy"...
  8. Gaflima


    I just think people are overreacting a little, I understand why some may not like of it, but it's not so horrible.
  9. Gaflima


    Despite the poor quality of the video, In my opinion It was f*cking awesome. Very tense and emotional.
  10. Gaflima

    Bloody Palacy is Back!

    Source:www.capcom-unity.com/gregaman/blog/2013/01/09/bloody-palace-mode-coming-to-dmc-via-free-title-update A slap in the face of those who were bitching.
  11. Gaflima

    DmC Official Review Thread

    Good, hope it helps to decrease the number of unnecessary threads here (which is big). Oh, and it seems you forgot the 9/10 from the LEVEL magazine ;)
  12. Gaflima

    Full CG Trailer (HD)

  13. Gaflima

    Squirrel spunk infused spray cans...

    ¬¬ Oh God... You guys are really bringing back the stupid "leaked ending" subject?
  14. Gaflima

    Gameplay of Mission 6 ,7 and 8

    It seems that the press has received the completed game for reviews and stuff. PlaystationAcess made three videos showing off the Secret Ingredient, Overturn and Eyeless missions. Secret Ingredient: Overturn: Eyeless: