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    The ranting thinking thread

    FF7 Remake rumored to cost 60 ****ing euros per episode for a grand total of 120. Smart, very ****ing smart. You pieces of ****. Are you ****ing kidding me, I refuse to believe there will be people actually buying them at full price. But the realist side of me already knows that the fanboys...
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    Man, I've started to seriously implement Bringer Knuckles into my gameplay after neglecting it all this time and I've found out that besides being really fun to pull off, it also adds another layer of depth to Nero. Not only does it increase his DPS but it also stops the momentum you give to an...
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    Oh so that's why my guards would break. Makes sense, would be way too much of a breeze if non perfect guards could save you no matter what.
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    Eh, just avoid it. Stay away from him till he initiates the attack then teleport to him and attack, his tentacles will miss.
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    What Are You Thinking?

    Honestly the worst you can expect is getting fatigued on your jaws' muscles cause you'll probably have to keep your mouth open all the time.
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    What Are You Thinking?

    I recently had a root canal which is a more complicated procedure and it actually went really smoothly. The only thing that hurt like a bitch was the anesthesia, because I got injected directly inside the tooth. But it was just for a literal second and it was worth it though cause immediately...
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    Cavaliere Angelo's Sword - Red Queen model replacer

    Purple and fiery variants. Both with different level of effect intensity depending on the Exceed level and the use of Tomboy. Instant installation for me.
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    Beowulf - Balrog model replacer The light on the weapon still has some of that fiery Balrog effect which I like.
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    Devil Trigger thread

    Not much to say about regular DT. It's pretty much DMC4's in appearance. Loving the fact that you can actually fly with it this time around though. Sin DT is badass as hell. I'm considering installing the mod that replaces normal DT with it.
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    Also how do you know of Luca Ward? O.o

    Also how do you know of Luca Ward? O.o
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    If it's new IPs, can't be SC though.

    If it's new IPs, can't be SC though.
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    Disappointed that Dante has become a joke character.(From DMC 4)

    And the opening cutscene, and the banter with Griffon, with Nero Angelo, with Mundus upon his defeat, and the plane escape, and the ending, and probably some other cutscene I forgot because it's been so long since I played the first game. But definitely not just 1 cutscene with him cracking...
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    Devil May Cry 1 coming to the Switch

    That's bad news, isn't it. From what I've heard the DMC1 in the HD collection has worse audio and visual effects than the original. I remember seeing a video about it too.
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    Royal Sparda Bloodline?

    Sparda wasn't stronger than Mundus. Just like Dante wasn't in DMC1. All Sparda managed to do was seal him away, not kill him (just like Dante in DMC1).
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    Future of DMC thread