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  • I kinda wanna make a DMC5 run where I only use guns and don't equip any swords as Dante.
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    Honestly I'm tempted to try and play it with no weapons at all. Just style actions, just for lolz
    Well you'd have to be a god at Royal Guard... But it's actually doable, I think.
    that alone is the reason I'm sad we can't do all characters in all missions
    Rewatched Blade 2. My memory wasn't deceiving me. Best villain, best plot, best fights out of the three movies. Very similar to what Underworld: Evolution is to its franchise.
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    I'll defend the CGI in that movie 'till I die. Almost everyone seems to have a problem with it even though it was utilized very well.
    The CGI used to enhance the practical effects like the Reapers' mouths was pretty good but the CG animations they used for a few fights like this one was horrendous, I don't see how anyone can deny it.
    Both American Gods and Good Omens seem interesting shows but I don't know which one to watch first.
    I thought American Gods was on Amazon too. Good Omens it is then.
    V's patron
    American gods is on amazon my bad. I still say Good omens because its more selfcontained while American gods is more ongoing.
    Dark Drakan
    Good Omens is only 6 episodes too so won’t take you long to get through it.
    Now YouTube censors words like "racism", "transgender", "sexism" etc and YouTubers have begun bleeping them out of their videos... This culture of gratuitous outrage is disgusting, our world really is slowly turning into a dystopian society, freedom of speech is going out the window.
    So not only does that Shenmue 3 game look atrocious, but they also pulled some good old fashioned scummy bait and switch **** over a crowdfunding platform.
    Do yourself a favor if you haven't done it before, and play DMC5 with headphones. Sounds orgasmic.
    Thats well how most time i played games only on headphones beacuse for me ingame OST like been better than on normal speakers
    I do that with all games , Dolby Atmos 3d surround sound in the headphones makes any game amazing and way more immersive
    Playing with the Armageddon Mod + Headphones = *headphones keep falling off due to headbanging*
    How the **** can you (subtly) accuse Quentin Tarantino of misogyny? He made Kill Bill, for **** sake. Dumbass "journalist".
    In all fairness, having a strong female character in your flick is not the same as having a good, well-written female character. And Tarantino is known to fetishize his female characters so I wouldn't put it past him.

    That said, I don't know much about the situation to comment on it.
    I can't imagine a misogynistic person even conceding the luxury to be merely badass to a female character. This was just yet another typical attempt to create flame and drama around a Tarantino movie.
    Reminds me of when "Godzilla: King of Monsters" was announced and there was this trash article going through the previous Gozilla films seeing which ones passed the Bechdel test. :facepalm:
    Now that DMC5 is out and all, I'm kinda waiting for that Pinnacle of Combat mobile DMC game. I know, it's on mobile but no lie, it looks pretty damn cool in those screenshots.
    Honestly I might get it too. I liked DMC4 Refrain so I figure I would like this. I liked Refrain's kinda dungeon-crawler-ish style.
    Ands that game i wait too, for DMC IV Refrain glad i have still Xplay phone as that been only ex game for that one so still can play it
    Is Hobbs and Shaw ripping off Civil War with the "pulling a helicopter in a bicep porn scene"?
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