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Erian1Mortal's latest activity

  • Erian1Mortal
    Erian1Mortal commented on Steve's profile post.
    Always a pleasure, glad to know it all worked out!
  • Erian1Mortal
    Erian1Mortal reacted to Steve's post on Erian1Mortal's profile with Like Like.
    Hello hello! Just wanted to say a public thank you for the awesome donation! And thank you for your patience in our private messages!
  • Erian1Mortal
    Erian1Mortal commented on Dark Prince's profile post.
    Depends on what you're looking for really, Phlearn on youtube is a bunch of knowledge when it comes to photo editing stuff. If you're...
  • Erian1Mortal
    Erian1Mortal updated their status.
    Alright, things are moving forward... slowly but they are, hopefully I'll be able to have my own place again in january!