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    My idea for V in the future *SPOILERS*

    Funny thing is I'm in the middle of writing a fic where Vergil decides V deserves to live as his own person and looks for a way to do so
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    Damn that pic of V is chilling.
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    Actually, that area is the one you fight in for one of V's secret mission a little later. So you can see actual players there.
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    (Major spoilers) A closer look at Virgil.

    V being entirely human meant he was more in tune with his emotions and, despite trying to remain stoic, he definitely found himself "feeling" more as a human. I think it took becoming human to make Vergil realize that humans are special in their own way.
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    (Major spoilers) A closer look at Virgil.

    Vergil definitely only gained empathy after V merged back with Urizen. V himself deliberately chose to stay in Red Grave City in the month-long interim between Dante losing to Urizen and Nero returning for the express purpose of helping people, at great cost to his already shortened life. V...
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    @berto DMC1 is still my favorite as well. There's just something unique to it, like the first Onimusha, that I don't get from the others.
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    Bloody Palace is coming as DMC5 free update

    Screenshots have a timer on them. I don't know why because everyone hated it in 4 and DmC.
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    Isn't this pic supposed to have been Spencer at some point?
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    Ok so I am getting frustrated about this (XB1)

    I never had either of the unstable platforms in that level fall. You can just double jump your way up into the hole you're meant to leave through.
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    Nero and his *spoiler*

    After beating him he yells "The power of Sparda... Why won't you give me strength?!". I always took that as implying that while he could wield it, in his hands it was just a particularly fancy sword and didn't lend him any power.
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    F-Word? (No Spoilers, Please)

    Dante says "bitch" and "ass" at a few points. During the final boss fight, when you use a certain ability that lets the fight continue, Nero yells "**** YOU!" and as far as I can remember it's the only f-bomb in the game.
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    General DMC5 Discussion *spoiler warnings*

    I must be the only person on the planet who enjoyed playing as V. lol He was the character I looked forward to the most and while I understand why they gave him the least missions of every character because of his unique playstyle, I was a little disappointed.
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    My idea for V in the future *SPOILERS*

    I like V's playstyle because it's about something Nero and Dante lack: patience. Locking on to an enemy directs Shadow and Griffon to move towards them, so that helps.
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    Finally a DMC game that can rival DMC3... so then

    Honestly most of the games are better than 3 to me. From a purely gameplay standpoint I can't stand more than half of 3's enemy roster. The chess pieces, Fallen, basically anything that isn't a Hell or an Abyss is incredibly difficult to juggle or keep styling on them in general.
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    Spoiler Thread

    Oh? Is that what his new sword is called?