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  • yo, i posted up the air gear nero pic, and one other if you want to see it. also I am in the mood to do signatures and avatars if you're interested.
    When he starts using Reflect on himself, he will use Flare on himself so that it will hit one of your party members for major damage. The trick is, you can Dispel the Reflect he cast so that he will hit himself with Flare.

    Make Tidus cast Hastega first, have Yuna cast Protect or Shell, then have Auron and Tidus attack Seymour Flux, not Mortiorchis. Make sure Yuna is ready to cast Curaga to heal Tidus and Auron. Don't bother using Lulu to cast Black Magic, since he has high Magic Defense. You can kill Mortiorchis so that it can drain Seymour Flux's HP, but it is not a recommended way. Keep attacking him using Tidus and Auron, and use Yuna for healing. Using Tidus's and Auron's Overdrive are recommended. Set their Overdrives to either Warrior or Stoic, but I used Stoic since Seymour Flux deals a lot of damage to my party. You can also use Yuna's Grand Summon too, but just be careful that he will kill your Aeons instantly.

    If you need any more help, just send me a message.:)
    Seymour Flux has two components. Seymouf Flux himself and the Mortiorchis, that means the boss has two turns. If your character has become Zombies by Seymour, the Mortiorchis will cast Full-Life to kill that character instantly. Souse Holy Waters to cure Zombie status quickly. When you have reduced his HP enough, he will get serious and start using an attack called Total Annihilation, which deals major damage to the party, so characters with High HP will survive usually. The downside of the attack is, he needs three turns to use that attack, so cast Shell and use Defend to reduce the damage taken from the attack. Another trick is use an Aeon to be the shield for Total Annihilation. I use Shiva as the shield and use her Overdrive. Although Seymour can use a one hit KO attack to kill any Aeons summoned during his turn, so watch out.
    Don't bother use Reflect, cause he will use Dispel. Use a party of Tidus, Yuna, and Auron. If he uses the attack that can cause Zombie, use a Holy Water. Zombie Ward armours doesn't really help in nullifying Zombie status, so instead use Holy Water to cure Zombie status. Here are the preparations you need:

    1. Tidus must learn Hastega.
    2. Yuna must learn Curaga, Dispel and Life if possible.
    3. Everyone must have HIGH HP, more than 3000.
    4. If possible, make sure everyone has their Overdrives full.
    5. Tidus and Auron must have Piercing weapons to deal full damage to Seymour Flux.
    6. Have a full stock of Holy Water.

    I didn't even use any armour that has Zombie Ward, yet i still able to manage fighting it.
    Dante and Trish left the scene...and then they did not go back to devil may cry. just so you know.
    sorry i forget to tell you this but it was not for put it instead of your boss idea it was just for seeing if it can be done before yours Nero is fighting hell forces so i just believed that it was good idea for Mundus to being there you know
    lol! Does Xevnas have to kind of move off Vergil to speak to him? I mean, if he wants to communicate with Vergil, he can do so through thought alone, can't he, since they are both in the same mind? Just wondering :)
    The RP will be back in motion as soon as Trish and Zany edit their rant posts about the rules, which should be either today or tomorrow sometime. The rules have been updated. It's located at the very start of the RP thread, please have a look at it before posting.
    Heads up: our newcomer in the RP is Moises the Demoni Heart. Refer to the Character Domain to get the lo-down on him. Happy RPing!
    Oh, to fill you in, Dante's already left the scene where you and I were fighting. I've now also left to join up with him, so Dante and Vergil are in a different scene right now.
    Hey. Just a note to let you know, please don't post questions or opinion in the actual rp thread. If you don't know what's going on, send me a PM and I'll fill you in. Could I ask you to please go back and edit your post? Thanks! :)
    :) That's because we're all a bunch of awesome people!
    Feel free to get into the RP as soon as you get a gap. If you have any questions or need any help, gimme a holler and I'll lend you a sword.
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