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  • You know what, my hat is off to you ^_^

    We had a really good discussion, and tempers didn't flare or anything. Just a good debate, I like that
    This "Dante" really needs an overhaul and fast. His so called "gameplay" was so slow. He seem angsty with not one hint of Dante's sarcastic attitude. He's smoking a Cigaweed (i doubt its cigarettes. I'm sure there's pure Marijuana in that thing). He looks homeless. And most importantly he has no freakin style.

    I would forgive the look a lil if he fought with style. All of his moves looked so dull and sloppy. That is not the Dante i know. Dante has always been stylish with the most over the top moves. If you put this trailer next to the trailer for DMC 3, the DmC trailer would look so bland next to the DMC 3 trailer.
    Hey i need sum support here. I can't fight these damn Conformist alone ya know. Moseslmpg, you and me should form a "Anti-DmC Squad".

    But really i'm not really against the game. Its just that what i've seen so far is not DMC, its a new game. I just feel these forums members are way too accepting of it. This is probably the only forum that i've seen so far in accepting of this new game so easily. Its like...there's a reason the fanbase is in utter chaos. Its like sum of these forum members are living in a bubble or sumthing. Or maybe they're in total denial

    Anyway, a few particular members (i won't name names) are really pretty much passive aggressively bashing Original DMC fans, like sumthing is wrong with us. I feel that this forum is too confining and that everyone has to agree with everyone, unless they want to be flamed. Its like a dictatorship country. In other words, they all agree with each other and they're boring and they don't like when we don't share their opinion.
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