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    Not entirely sure yet, but hopefully the former. :)

    Not entirely sure yet, but hopefully the former. :)
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    After disappearing for quite some time, I've decided to come back to this community. It's nice to see some familiar faces are still active here! Hopefully at least one person remembers me haha.
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    Almost two years late, but I'm doing okay!

    Almost two years late, but I'm doing okay!
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    "You're not worthy as my opponent"

    DMC1 Mundus on DMD is the ultimate challenge in my experience with the series. It took me so many attempts to beat him, and I still had to use an Untouchable when he started raining down meteors (mostly out of panic, because it took me a while to get to that point). It still felt like an...
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    "I'm better-looking"

    Definitely DMC1 Dante.
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    Your least favourite thing about your favourite DMC?

    Least favorite thing about Devil May Cry: The relatively primitive gameplay. Favorite thing about Devil May Cry 2
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    "Leave me. I won't tell you a third time."

    It worries me that I'm the only one who picked Nero...:cautious:
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    What's the most emotional scene to you in the entire series?

    Beating DMC1 on DMD and getting to listen to this: Also, can't forget this: :laugh:
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    Welcome. :)
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    I still think RE4's attache case system is the best to be honest. I just love organizing everything and having my OCD tendencies get the better of me. :tongue:
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    Wonder if she'll crack cheesy jokes like her old man. :tongue: Joking aside, this is awesome news. :D
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    It has been like forever

    Welcome back. :)
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    An Introductory

    Welcome. :)