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  • Nope, actually in America, although I kinda wish I was in the UK
    Oh you know, just wondering out of pure curiosity since I live somewhere where it's summer now
    Lol I remember that, but other than summer fun it's basically just work, friends, and community service (yuck). And possibly soccer later. How about you??? Anything fun and exciting in your summer?
    Duh....I've been trained in different martial arts, firearm training, Kenjutsu.....I don't get scared, especially by nice girls as you...:p
    South Africa is a place which only a few people go. Europe is a country everyone dreams to come and travels here everyday...^_^
    Four of those you know are unimportant.....I know English, Albanian (Native), Italian, Spanish, French and looking forward to Japanese...:cool:
    Domo arigato. I really appreciate it and yes I will remeber. My memory really sucks though lol.
    Well, I've just been away for a while trying to concentrate on school and work. But now that it's summer and I finally bought my own laptop I can finally come on more now :]
    Im fine thanks, just been partying and going out with friends all weekend. Not a good idea before a work day though (Fri night and work Sat). How are you?
    Lol officially only the Gamechain one because its a nice excuse for writing some more reviews (which I looove doing :D), the Virgil-Fan sounds cool lol
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