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  • All of the mods I worked on are now backuped on the drive as they updated to the new version (I didn't change anything, just updated drive backups), now shall we continue our work.
    I want to eat these adorable kittens :p (joking), they're so cute that make my heart melt :love: and of course, we can summon cats by tricking them for missing kittens :ROFL: (one of them in vid to hooman that escape constantly: I shall not be contained by you hooman):
    Dark Prince
    I think @Angel must try this vid on her cat plus @Redcore and we shall see the results if they go mad or like kittens :cool:.
    My youngest son loves this clip
    Dark Prince
    @Angel The chef meme I posted for above vid and joking around kittens that I want to see your cat or @Redcore reaction must be spicy :coffee:.
    The community challenge will be back to original root so I decided to delete useless challenges and use people comments.
    I finally applied for a photoshop job with my basic skills and knowledge in modding for photo editing, this best moment in my life.
    That's great news. (y)
    Here is pics I did for myself for AC Revelations a skin based on John Wick and if you're interested I can do the same job in DmC style for Vergil:

    I updated my laptop and copied DmC mods from PC to laptop for work to update them, I'm now on track and ready for work but I also busy with real life matters.
    Finally, DmCmods goes beyond DMC.org which I can see in Infernal Warks now we back to our glory days:
    I want try something but your opinion and staff about this idea:
    A new crossover skin for Vergil DmC with John Wick, because I did this job for AC Revelations for Ezio as a personal skin for myself (no drama and respect Keanu Reeves).
    I'm back to my usual work, this time nothing can't stop my work.

    you guys did a good job by reporting all bugs, stay safe.
    If @Angel cat give birth and she bring a kitten to her workplace this what we can expect:
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    Dark Prince
    So @Angel give us details about your cat breed and I check it why she is so devilish.
    She's a mixed breed - her mother was an entirely black cat and her father was a ginger striped cat. She looks like a regular tabby cat with a white throat and white paws, but a striped coat everywhere else. I think she's just insane lol
    Dark Prince
    Give her some space I think she is insane because she doesn't have any children or pandemic make her mad or last thing I think she need go outside to play or need a soul mate.
    Finally I updated some mods on my PC I needed and also fixed some mods (no changes just small fixes) and more mods on the way stay tuned and I must update my laptop and some updates for drive backup.
    Can someone summon @Steve here he rarely passes by here (Do summon jutsu).
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    Dark Prince
    So I guess @Angel is unavailable too so I add you to conversation to solve my problem.
    Dark Prince
    The forum is too quiet werry too quiet no staff is active strange but normal users are active.
    Dark Drakan
    Havent managed to get online much as I have had a lot of time consuming work to do in my actual job unfortunately.
    Maybe I'm one person and an indie modder but when I collab with other people or help them, we're dangerous together.
    I hate Mark Zuckerberg (no hate for other people that have Facebook apps or accounts) but because of his or the company's nature, I Uninstall all of Facebook products or apps so goodbye Mark.
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