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  • Attack on Titan project is complete but if you have any ideas or questions or give me feedback so I can work on project more (I only know about Attack on Titan because of first game Wings of Freedom on YouTube gameplays so I have no knowledge about anime).
    Can we appreciate from God that send to us this holy creature to defeat covid and this cat even can judge your soul (this video is only for fun):
    Health update: damn it.....I can't die like this...(cough)...don't worry guys I won't die that easily it's just a simple cold (I hope) and I don't go outside in this pandemic only for important jobs or shop for home or at least go with friends once every weeks or two weeks and my nose also bleed 4 times God what rough day.
    Dark Prince
    Update: I'm now OK but I'm still have a little bit cold that doesn't matter but I still take it serious and my cold problem...how I can say it...medicinal and food problem cause me a short time cold.
    anyway if my nose don't bleed again I can take a short shower with cold water.
    For the main cast of the DmC which characters you want from Attack on Titan that I should work on (appearance is matter because the characters in Attack on Titan you guys mention are at age of adult or young from a season or episode):

    V's patron
    Just keep it simple bro.

    DmC Dante: Eren Yeager
    DmC Vergil: Armen Arlet
    Kat: Mikasa Ackerman
    My friends or any people I know are cutting ties with me I don't know why or because of pandemic and I'm now feel alone :cry: but still nothing can't replace family relations.
    I really want to try strawberry sundae so with help of family at first attempt the first one....failure BUT with second try we finally get the right results and tonight have fun with a good home made ice cream.
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    Dark Prince
    The joy from strawberry sundae that we made with family was fun and everyone liked my idea (thank you @berto for the recipe) about it maybe we should use it as a dessert for dinner.
    Despite my normal life I think I can somehow call myself a man of culture because I like try new things or sometimes like YouTubers cooking or games or anime (things that actually I can eat normally not strange or bizarre) foods like Dante's Strawberry Sundae.
    V's patron
    A strawberry sundae isn't bizarre tho.
    Dark Prince
    @V's patron my man don't take my word wrong I actually love try new things but sometimes in YouTube and or animations or even games some foods are not by our taste we like, I mean something international that all countries can make it and about that ice cream I normally also love strawberry taste.
    I wander if I want work on a new project with code "Wraith" because I love Shadow of Mordor/Wars game and want create a crossover about it but with my limited knowledge or game limits in textures I can't edit characters textures.
    Dark Prince
    because I think DmC doesn't support separate textures for outfit or body something like they use same parts.
    Dark Prince
    But still if anyone knows how I can edit separately textures for body parts or outfits like picture above I will be grateful.
    My guess about Wesker Vergil creator of the mod is...I think he named himself after the mod is like Albert Wesker or Wesker, I don't know but someone must know creator of this mod so please anyone has information from 2013 or 2015 tell me.
    I used time travel site for research about dmcmods.com and found Capcom skin (for Dante I recreated) is by @Story originally and I try my best find the creator of Wesker for Vergil.
    I call all mighty modders...for DmC HD Remaster project to create ultimate DmC HD mods under one flag include myself or hunt down the web for HD mods.
    And if anyone has HD mod please PM me so I will gather them all in one post (official DmC HD mods not other mods that inspired from other subjects).
    Dark Prince
    Thanks, I'm in IW and if people know anything or have official HD mod for DmC PM me or link them here.
    I still in hunt for HD mods and I have 3 place in my bookmark for this job but in Vergil sentence: "I need more power".
    I work on some kinda version of hollow Vergil:

    -No details on coat and all coat details shown by glow (Even coat 3D map) and for better details the outfit is black
    -Removed hollow Vergil smoke (I did edit myself some how :LOL:)
    -Base model: :cool: (Secret for now)

    Project "Glow"
    @Nyx is a wizard or something if he's the person who can save us to bring definitive edition for us (PC users) and I don't mean they do the big job I mean they try to fix PC port with the team or friends he has and I hope one day we will get official PC port by this lads.
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