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  • I guess I just broke my 100 messages barrier and pass the bridge (not Pewdiepie bridge) and post in the forum like in the past so here we go.
    When you tell people merry Christmas BUT Jontron to cancel Christmas and crush your dreams for a good holiday (please don't take the joke serious I love holidays and forget the grinch):
    Hi, I was planning to release minor updates today BUT I have one important update for Vergil sooo...someone finally take my request to help me for more proper DMC 5 coat design for Vergil so I think I must delay the minor updates so please forgive me if this important update is finished I will upload the updates.
    If you feel you have a sense of art in colors & like dark themes, Deep Dark FT for Firefox was one of the best add-ons & I like it, now in the new Firefox in Win 10 (New Versions) you have a dark theme but they are menus that still normal unless...if you apply dark mode (theme) in Win 10 you will get it for apps or desktop windows nowhere no fun part by doing this Firefox means and some default pages turn dark.
    Forgive me about my behavior, I was thinking about my weakness in the art for modding that I can't make good quality mods just like other people who master the art & make quality works so I will back to my work but my work isn't going to be good & minor changes will be released on December 20 so even people ignore me I hope I can end this job in peace.
    Dark Prince
    But please please don't judge my weak mods, I try my best to give people my last quality content so I will not bother anyone after this job.
    Finally, I fixed Wesker Vergil from damage with my limited experience in modding I have and I also recreate the file with Alexander feathers and style and add more 3D maps that were missing and also keep original files so when you combine them you will get an advanced version of Wesker Vergil then the original version.
    the update will come as part of minor changes that I will I upload so be patient.

    so have fun.
    Another update: I checked Wesker Vergil's original file, guess what...THE TEXMOD FILE WAS EMPTY AND THE ONLY THING WAS THERE WAS A BUNCH OF NUMBERS FOR TEXTURE CODES, God this why tpf was corrupted I will add as part of my minor updates and reverse the damage to the file.
    Dark Prince
    Update: The Wesker Vergil original skin has been tested and I add Alexander feathers to it but the teleport feature is buggy I test what I know but the bug doesn't fix well then my knowledge is limited again maybe I must upgrade Alexander version of this skin have fun.
    Progress report: You remember I asked for help...someone helped me to make gloveless texture (normal hand texture) for Vergil & I've at least learned something new that will help with future edits & after receiving the file, I edited it for better quality.
    Dark Prince
    After editing the texture, I replaced the 3D glove texture with the texture of a 3D human-like map that I made myself and I replaced it but the 3D map has a little problem & this is a thumb problem, on the 3D map the thumb has a bit of a shadow problem that I can't unfortunately solve with my limited knowledge.
    So...in my break time I was trying to find someone to help me in photoshop, from 1 out of 2 items (I still tried work on minor changes) & I will maybe release the update before 2 weeks to Christmas.

    so I will try to keep you update, have fun.
    Sorry for my behavior I am wondering why I act like that, excuse me. I need some time to rest.
    Dark Prince
    my biggest fear is people will not accept my works as a weak artist in modding and all I did will be wasted.
    Everyone needs a rest sometimes. It might also give an artist a great boost in terms of inspiration and personal progress. I'm a writer (yeah that's a different kind of art, but I believe it works the same way) and my best chapters are usually written right after a break. Take care.
    Hi, guys if you wonder about my progress on minor changes for some mods well...I can explain BUT I'm not a good artist so you can judge my works (mods) & I want to release the updates in December.

    have fun & enjoy your life.
    Dark Prince
    Sneak peek: one of the minor changes or updates is for DMC 5 Vergil's new face cracked V face (weak).

    so enjoy my sneak peek have fun.
    Maybe I'm retired from modding but NOW I have more time to make some minor changes or see if any skins/mod need to update if possible to update them.

    have a nice day.
    I did my part here and about dmcmods I can't dig the internet anymore because there's nothing there to hunt so I hope my work is worth it and none of them are wasted so enjoy the song:
    Dark Prince
    I want to be retired myself from modding so I don't have time to learn all kinds of modding methods, I want to focus on my normal life but I will keep my eye on download links so if anything goes wrong I will support them.
    Dark Prince
    With guidelines I show for texmod for each mod I upload you guys are now must be master by yourself to create amazing things from my creations or other people's creations (combine them).

    have fun and a good day.
    Finally, I release the final patch it seems we finally near the endgame so enjoy the Sin Devil Trigger theme because I'm happy and reach this point so have fun guys.
    So I finished what I started, I finish the necessary updates (which total 4 skin/mod receive the updates) now it is time for general update patch and I have good news and that is the Log File for DMC 5 Vergil is ready but need some touch for better text and better wording so have fun.
    Dark Prince
    Skins/Mods updated:

    Persona 3 & 5 Protagonist
    Miles Edgeworth
    Alexander Collection
    Advanced Corrupted Vergil
    While working on updates :cool: I back on my DMC 5 Vergil project to create a log file for what materials I used or changes I done.
    I must do this job after each change so I forget to do this job :facepalm: and I start this job now so forgive me I try my best give all people Justly :wink:.
    I will deliver updates slowly not in one day so I try my best and take my time to give you guys the best results.
    First of all I know...I know you want a good update about my job and you deserve to what I have done sorry for keeping you waiting for:

    -updated files in my drive to keep backups of skins or mods and patches and update to their last design or usability

    There are other jobs I must do by a list that I will try to finish.

    so here is my update have fun until next time.
    Finally I back to the heart of modding but it won't last long I will enjoy my victory because if people love simple modding art that I do then I can close my case in peace without any hate in the future so have fun:
    Attention: I will maybe soon not today but one day drop 2 patch for 2 @Jai Nagrani's skins Hollow Dante & DMC 5 Dante and turn my effect pack into the patch and link it topics I need to update.

    Thank you for your time have a good day.
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