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  • Beware of emperor cat and if you yank his fur he will punish you like a boss :ROFL: (I guess one of @Angel cats is emperor breed :sneaky:).
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    That absolutely looks AND sounds like my Little Bean.

    Am not speaking about the cat.
    Dark Prince
    The yanker spotted as actress in camera :ROFL: (@therogis I assume your baby is energetic :geek: and about your poor snake I assume not you but your baby wants a belt in future but until that day that poor thing gets old :ROFL:).
    @Dark Prince our pet snake is old already :LOL: and yeah she IS energetic!! How can playing with a baby who does not yet walk make a human being so tired?
    Crazy news: Yes I know but......I managed find another way to reduce my works size with clean code AGING :eek:, by creating a patch like file I mean if all of my works follow same pattern then you need download an additional file (Depends on what you need).
    Let me know if this good improvement or should I not change my works, let me know your opinions :coffee:.
    Back from shadows to mod scene to slay some demons or should I say I'm the strom with motivation :cool:.
    Updates are done and I'm on vacation about 2 week to enjoy my break :geek:.

    Stay safe everyone and "Heal your wounds, get strong" as Vergil says health is important in pandemic :coffee:.

    Have fun :whistle:.
    Updates are coming & my power is absolute :cautious::
    Dark Prince
    Wave 1 of optimized works is done & I coming after you @Astelf after I finished my job with updates (Opens a portal to department details building with Yamato).
    Hi, I Created a basic DMC5 HUD (Changed some DMC3 elements to 5), about my work....I must say all updates on are finished (Still must check if there is room for improvement).

    Stay safe everyone & why......motivated :unsure:?
    The Improvement has been made to works I had on my PC :geek: but that doesn't mean my job is done I must update other works and check download links......so much work o_O but in good time to enjoy my job as a hobby :coffee:.

    Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day :coffee:.
    Update: It's mater of time and I finally learned how I can use Nvidia tools :love: (thanks to this video) but not like the old tool I had in past :rolleyes:.
    The concept behind of lite mod is:

    ▪︎Clean code: only works when you remove some unnecessary files but the code itself only make your work heavier (Checking my own Spaghetti Code :ROFL:).
    Dark Prince
    ▪︎Unnecessary files: by removing them you give your work better optimization (with clean code) and let do other part of your files handle by game (DmC) I mean no need putting those files when game already load them for you.
    Image by reddit user themikesem, when @Angel see a ball of wool (Backed cake :p :coffee:):

    Loaf or cake it must be noice to eat such a cute fur ball :ROFL:.
    A nostalgic project but good ;) now here is good part I give you people 2 names for Kat so I can base her design on name you chose, for Vergil & Dante :sneaky:......you will see soon.
    Edit: I guess I must drop the bomb :cool: "Bloody Truth & Be Killed Again" have fun on YouTube.
    Dark Prince
    Gonna drop the bomb :confused:.........it's Chaos Legion :cautious:, a 2003 Capcom game and I want work it project based on this game (Characters), now from above what character fit Kat and for Dante & Vergil they have their own character skins.
    Siela would be good because she's a non-combatant, but Arcia has a design not too dissimilar from Kat's so it's easier to work with.
    My progress on DmC: I'm still trying do some decent job then I want try something new, I want improve my code for tpf files and remove some unnecessary files (the game files are can help automatically no need add to them), this can help decrease a little bit of mods files and I don't know how long this process take but please look forward for it.
    Dark Prince
    As I expected I cleaned my code and made a little progress but on other hand I made good progress on 2 main files for DMC 5 skins and cleaned the junk files which resulted in decreasing files size :love:.
    If any artist has knowledge in photoshop or modding (people who do editing jobs and do modding as hobby), I want useful tutorials that can good for my normal editing or my daily jobs or give my service to people and lastly my hobby that I don't take it serious but I want do some improvement one day.
    》Please Share your playlist if you have already even one video is helpful ;).
    Depends on what you're looking for really, Phlearn on youtube is a bunch of knowledge when it comes to photo editing stuff.
    If you're looking for something specific, I might now some other sites, would have to look up the names though.
    I managed to create HD textures (somehow...:unsure:) but DmC loading time for tpf files takes to long so I must work on loading I mean create lite HD textures to decrease loading time.
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