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Dark Angel
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  • Now...if cats are approved in this forum how about we approve this:

    Crow or cat and if you guys think this illusion you're wrong then & get out of your house & take a deep breath (please don't use Google reverse image search).

    Are we all gonna ignore there's a black hole in the picture that warping space-time in the duvet!
    People who have been on this pandemic had a hard life and I don't know how many of them lost their loved ones or their friends or their jobs but the only thing I want from God is hopefully this pandemic gets away and all countries back to normal.
    The time has come to show you all who I am behind the mask in these 3 years...you can call me...Prince of Persia because I'm from the land of Persia:
    Here is my second map for DMC4/SE mods forum, feel free to give your feedbacks:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Changes are made to the best I can so I hope I don't miss anything.
    For the people who come to DmC forum mods please feel free and use the active mods post I created:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Updated to latest active mods.
    Disappointment...:cautious: I want to update one of my works and my brain can not remember the editing process for modding but ;) with my notes and favorites in the browser, I can easily remember what to do but at this stage my brain for modding can't process :ROFL:.
    I know...2020 was a weird year for people and many people still can't have a proper job or life in general all because of the pandemic so hopefully this year will be better.
    I'm now switching from Shadow of War to DMC 5 with Vergil DLC, I'm become one with strom and power now once again I'm playing as Vergil The Alpha & The Omega.
    How about we sneak :unsure: V or Vergil from DMC5 into future time with CyberPunk 2077 game since it has character creation but I think V is better since he has a tattoo and also the main character for CyberPunk 2077 is named V soo...:cool: two birds with one stone.
    I installed Shadow of War (yes the big Denuvo DRM) on my win 10 laptop and I hope this big game in some actions don't lag but the game is almost fine but on my desktop PC the game is a little slow in some actions almost perfect and all lags because of DRM (God why Denuvo won't die because of all lag in the gaming community).
    We're getting old each day by getting closer to Vergil's DLC release date:
    Come on Capcom give us Vergil or I will stab myself with Yamato.
    Finally, Capcom gives us a reason to buy Vergil DLC that has separate from the special edition just one reason:
    Video description (Video by: DevilNeverCry):
    Getting this to work is tough. You need to maintain an SSS rank otherwise Dante won't join in on the Dance Fun.
    It seems Xbox Series X and Sony's PS5 have system crashes and maybe critical updates for both consoles fix these issues and I'm not an expert in these kinda things but people can judge and tell their own experience.
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    The video is still fresh so if you have both consoles DON'T sell them wait for updates and patches:
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