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Dark Angel
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  • I'm now updating my PC and DmC mods in my PC from the server (DMC.org).
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    I will reupload some mods because I did some minor fixes.
    Maybe I'm one person and an indie modder but when I collab with other people or help them, we're dangerous together.
    Here is @Angel low budget AR avatar (Please forgive me about lack of quality):
    I hate Mark Zuckerberg (no hate for other people that have Facebook apps or accounts) but because of his or the company's nature, I Uninstall all of Facebook products or apps so goodbye Mark.
    A low budget AR model I edited from my John Wick to Johnny Sliver Hand from Cyberpunk 2077 for @Dark Drakan, hopefully, you like it chief ( Keanu Reeves deserve more than this sorry I don't want to show him like this he is a good guy):
    I'm doing some works and I'm almost ready to back from darkness to modding scene for requests if I can.
    I don't know if you like this version of V and Vergil @V's patron please forgive me about the limited AR:

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    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Hi, I tried my best for V's EX outfit but in my limited AR there's no good green that matches for him but here is a theory if V and Urizen unit together and instead Vergil take V's mental with white hair and brown eyes and of course EX outfit...with this results:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    And here is updated Nero with devil breaker:

    V's patron
    V's patron
    Not a Nero fan but it's cool.

    Thanks for doing this but you don't have too.
    I give my PC to the service so no worries about it but the point is I have a laptop and I can continue my job with it but with a PC I can do better so please don't worry about my job I have a lot of plans to do for this forum so stay tuned (I'm not an important person but as a person to keep guys busy from this pandemic).

    Stay safe.
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    NOT SO FAST BABY...it was a little software bug from BIOS that has been fixed and I gonna learn how to fix it from that person who fixed my PC so WE ARE BACK TO BUSINESS BABY (The problem was a little bit from hardware too so I guess this too much for me to learn how to fix my PC on my own):
    hey :)
    My name is Emma
    I thought I'd message here after I came across ur mods. Love them :). I run a digital fashion/gaming/NFT project. We actually launched the first indie /mod esports, its pretty cool! starting with among us, minecraft. Would love to speak to u more anyway, see if we could collab and do something with DMC!
    Community challenge post is not meant for the real challenge it's about making our normal like a game and I decided to pick up some ordinary things that we do in our lifetime and I make them into kinda good a fun time for our families or friends to have fun.
    Sometimes technology is on your side or other times betray you when you need it.
    for a long time you use some necessary tools or applications for your online classes and all sudden for 1 day or one week your connection is lost.
    Ok guys I have a little surprise for you but I want to work on an old and original mod but first I must remember my basic skills (I have them in my library kinda) soo stay tuned.
    Today I looked myself in the mirror and my hair was kinda messed up (not the type of person with long hair) and my beard grew (about 1.2 weeks) so I decided to go with John Wick style and surprise my hair turned out hybrid between Vergil & John Wick (the good guy itself).
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