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Dark Angel
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  • hey :)
    My name is Emma
    I thought I'd message here after I came across ur mods. Love them :). I run a digital fashion/gaming/NFT project. We actually launched the first indie /mod esports, its pretty cool! starting with among us, minecraft. Would love to speak to u more anyway, see if we could collab and do something with DMC!
    Community challenge post is not meant for real challenge it's about making our normal like a game and I decided to pick up some ordinary things that we do in our life time and I make them into kinda good fun time for our families or friends to have fun.
    Sometimes technology is on your side or other times betray you when you need it.
    like for a long time you use some necessary tools or applications for your online classes and all sudden for 1 day or one week your connection loss.
    Ok guys I have a little surprise for you but I want work on an old and original mod but first I must remember my basic skills (I have them in my library kinda) soo stay tuned.
    Today I looked myself in mirror and my hair was kinda messed up (not type person with long hair) and my beard grew (about 1.2 week) so I decided to go with John Wick style and surprise my hair turned out hybrid between Vergil & John Wick (the good guy itself).
    Now...if cats are approved in this forum how about we approve this:

    Crow or cat and if you guys think this illusion you're wrong then better get out your house and take a deep breath (please don't use Google reverse image search).

    Are we all gonna ignore there's a black hole in the picture that warping space-time in the duvet!
    People who have been on this pandemic had a hard life and I don't know how many of them lost their loved ones or their friends or their jobs but the only thing I want from God is hopefully this pandemic get away and all countries back to normal.
    The time has come to show you all who I am behind the mask in this 3 years...you can call me...Prince of Persia because I'm from the land of Persia:
    Here is my second map for DMC4/SE mods forum, feel free to give your feedbacks:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Changes are made to the best I can so I hope I don't miss anything.
    For the people who come to DmC forum mods please feel free and use active mods post I created:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Updated to latest active mods.
    Disappointment...:cautious: I want to update one of my works and my brain can not remember the editing process for modding but ;) with my notes and favorites in the browser, I can easily remember what to do but at this stage my brain for modding can't process :ROFL:.
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