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Dark Angel
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  • My apology to Staff I don't want abuse ask thread so I removed my 2 posts, the first I posted was kinda I feel trolling the Staff so I remove it and I'm not satisfied with it and the second one is asking them about DRMs but since this question is a public question I moved to better place so hopefully Staff have great day.
    I'm joining to group of people who love DMC 5 and let me tell you about Dan's voice I only played DMC 3 & 4 SE and to my surprise they are good for me as a noob in this series now I want play 5 but more power comes with Vergil DLC.
    Yeah kids sometimes I do something weird like fast reply, we are here 24 hour of course daily life is important first but I told you guys my spirit from shadows is still watch the forum and give you guys support.
    New art works in Gallery, enjoy your stay.
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Vergil fan art by gimvsen using multiple images to create his face:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Vergil and V's music cover combined by reddit user Static_Patrick:
    Soo...now we have a little overhaul nice job @Steve and I like clear textbox and a welcome box window in forum for guests.
    As always I late to hype but I only want one thing just play as Vergil on PC nothing more or less just give me this work of art Capcom and this music that play for his battle with demons and imagine he transform to V and the battle theme change to Crimson Cloud from Bury The Light that would be good touch.
    Virgil theme is finally here the official version now KNEEL BEFORE ME jk enjoy the song:
    Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    I also updated DMC 5 (Alexander Version) theme with this new theme.
    Hi guys here is a piece of music until the official version of Vergil comes out, enjoy (THIS IS POWER :cool:):
    Vergil status in DMC games:

    DMC 1: Nothing special just a suspicious person in a heavy armor.

    DMC 2: No trace about Vergil at that time.

    DMC 3 SE: Now we're getting to the peak of story we can now play as him for the first time.

    DMC 4 SE: God bless Capcom by giving us to play as this man for SECOND TIME.

    DMC 5 SE: Now I'm More And More MOTIVATED.
    I'm trying to getting in touch with some modders to get their permission for the edits I have done to their works soon...I try my best contact to admin of a forum that I used their works for permission and for modders are out of touch or have problem I will leave link to their YouTube or web so please support them:

    Update For Video Game Fan Arts Thread: All kind of fan arts from any person that has right hold or personal drawing are now welcome.

    please enjoy your stay in this thread, this is for everyone not for only me so have fun.
    So I have thinking about to create a thread to benefit people that find all kind of fan art: from DMC and any kind of game you like so please tell your thoughts or maybe if there is a thread that has been dead I will bring it back to life if people want it and last option is if there is a official section for this job I will definitely use that.
    I have thinking about a good mod for V in DMC 5 that maybe he can useful for Demi-Fiend character because he use tattoo on his body, so why not take advantage this opportunity and someone bring it to life.
    Sorry about the vid if some of you guys really like Xbox 2020 game live stream then I change the vid to something better:

    This vid is by @AmazingGaming and have spoliers maybe people in forum know the story but for the respect others that don't want to spoil I put a warring for it so enjoy the show.
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