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  • Hey. Whats up ??
    well, nothing is up for me, I am sick and its summer in my country so yeah I am really having a hard time dealing with all mosquitoes and cockroaches... I really miss winter :(
    what about you?? Doing good :)
    For now Im doing good. In my country Im almost winter, getting cold at nights. Totally end of atumn
    thnx for the follow dante's girl finally i followed u since i joined cuz u welcomed me so whats up :)
    My pleasure :) yes I remember welcoming you...hope you are having fun here. I really love this forum because we are all so similar here... we are all DMC fans!!!
    Sorry, I wanted to follow earlier but I was not around for quite some days , got plenty of work and so little time to complete everything.
    no problem thx and yeah i have been enjoying here made lotsa friends anyway hope to see ya around
    Hey there, I'm not sure if you remember me but here's hoping you do. I finally have some free time away form College so I have gotten back on. Hope everything has been well.
    Hi there...Of course I remember you :)
    Sorry, I have not been around here much because I have school too... Busy all day :/
    Everything has been well for me :)
    What about you?
    Ember To Inferno
    Yeah, everything has been going great. Glad that it has been good for you too! I recently finished my college for a while, so now I have some free time to get on here. Hope you get the same commodity soon, I know how it is to constantly be busy. Just keep it in there, you'll probably get a well deserved break soon lol.
    Hey DG, how are things going with you? =)
    Hi LOD, Things are going quite fast here and I stay busy :/
    Sorry for late reply...I really want to stick around here as much as I can though.
    How are you??
    hey Dante's girl! I'm back at last! how is everything with you? I see you haven't changed your avatar since I left till now! Cool! :D
    HI Lili...its a long time!! sorry for late reply I was busy wandering here and there...lol. I am thinking of changing the avi...that female version of Dante reminds me of myself...lol!! its really nice to see ya back girl...Miss u!!
    Thanks for the information DG ^_^ I appreciate it. Really want Keanu Reeves back as Neo. You can't have Neo without Reeves, it's not impossible.
    lol nikky is a cute name. honestly if i were a girl i think i'd want either nikky or stephany as my name. lol
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