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Recent content by Creelien

  1. Creelien

    DMC4-SE & IW Hype!

    Of course. I have a mod called, DMC4 - G.o.D. Edition. It already contains a Nero/Dante mod and it's not complete, because I needed Vergil, mostly his hair, to complete it. My first mod shall be Vergil as Enlil the sumerian deity. :D But I have plans for Lady/Trish as well. :D
  2. Creelien

    DMC4-SE & IW Hype!

    The Hype Video:
  3. Creelien

    DMC5 ideas?

    Yes, give answers to the unanswered questions between DMC4 and DMC2. I'd like to see a Vergil-Nero reunion. :D And there should be a DLC which would let us to play as Sparda for 11 missions let's say. That would take place in Temen-Ni-Gru in the past to seal away the portal to the demonic...
  4. Creelien

    Malleus & Malum

    As the witches of Salem completed the Grand Rite, two demonic warriors have been released from Inferno. Malum and Malleus: Credits: - FlairDarkSlayer (Dark Effects & Blue Dark FX recolor, Saruhiko Fushimi's sword) - Lucas (ZeroWeigth tool use) - krier (DmC-Nero textures) - crucifix (Blue...
  5. Creelien

    Devil May Cry 2 Dante [Nero Mod]

    Credits: - krier (some DMC1 Dante & DmC NeroTextures) - crucifix (effects) - King.Ikki (DMC2 Rebellion) Download
  6. Creelien

    What are you currently playing?

    Warframe, Bayonetta
  7. Creelien

    DMC4SE DLC Topic (+ Ideas/Wishlist)

    - Playable Lucia - Nelo Angelo DT for Corrupted Vergil - DMC1 / DMC2 / DMC3 Costume for Dante - Coatless Vergil Costume - Dante to have different DTs for each weapon - Full DT Nero Costume - Cerberus
  8. Creelien

    About the 6th charactor.

    I'm with you! :D
  9. Creelien

    Vergil's Opening Cinematic (SPOILERS)

    What a nice story would it be for DMC5 that Corrupted Vergil returns and claims Yamato from Nero. They fight and Vergil gets Yamato. Later, Nero aquires his full DT form and in the end Dante-Vergil-Nero would fight against the Corruption which was separated from Vergil. :D
  10. Creelien

    DMC4-SE & IW Hype!

    You can if you want. :wink: But please, record clips with Nero as well. :smile: Right now, I have 4 Dante and 1 Nero clips. :D Poor Nero. :sneaky:
  11. Creelien

    DMC4-SE & IW Hype!

    You must use skins/mods! :tongue: And yes, 60fps! :D
  12. Creelien

    DMC4-SE & IW Hype!

    Yep! Maximum 30 sec is enough. Turn off the BGM unless it will sound weird alongside with the song.
  13. Creelien

    DMC4-SE & IW Hype!

    Hi! So, I was listening my edited DMC music: And I had an idea about drawing attention to IW modding, because it seems DMC4-SE will breath new life to the community. So I'm planning to make a video, using this song, to show our best mods in DMC4. :D Something like this: Famous scenes...
  14. Creelien

    Will Sparda Be Playable?

    Yes, yes! :D With Lucia, all the character will be playable. :D It's bad that Corrupted Vergil has Sparda DT instead of Nelo Angelo.
  15. Creelien

    Vergil's Opening Cinematic (SPOILERS)

    What will be the Ending Scene? Vergil loses Yamato? Because Agnus had it and somehow the Order needed to get it.