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  • I'm sorry you're unhappy with the new development. I myself is completely neutral, because I've never played a DMC game.

    Was any of the links I posted helpful?
    Ouch, I hoped you had it saved. :(
    I'm a moderator over at the RE forums, and if I have to delete someone's sig I cut and paste the url to a backup file. I don't have to do this, but some people invest alot of work into their sigs and sooner or later one of them have forgot to save it on their pc. The staff can't be blamed if the sig is lost, but I don't want to cause anyone to lose their work. I'm probably the only mod to do this.

    RE steals players from DMC? I didn't know that, but are you sure DMC does not steal players from RE also? Gamers play many games and it is my impression that RE players do like DMC, and often other Capcom games too. Did you know that one of the DMC games initially was meant to become a RE game? I'm not sure, but it's possibly DMC1.
    Is the Hellfire server a WoW server? I'm sorry about the sig, I hope you have it saved elsewhere so it was not lost.
    Why do you consider RE to be "enemy" with DMC? The two series are related and I see them as friends rather than enemies.
    If it would hurt less being on another forum... Steve got more forums in the network. Ever considered the Resident Evil forum (REN)? :) Maybe you're not into RE, but my impression is that many DMC fans are also more or less RE fans as well.
    REN is a very friendly forum, but it might be boring in the long run if you're not into the RE series.
    You're welcome!
    I see, I understand that it hurts.
    I tried WoW on my sister's pc one time and I liked it. I'd like to play online with you if I could. She quit WoW because the servers were overpopulated by immature kids.
    Thank you for accepting my request. :)
    Hi Conceicao, how are you doing? :)
    I found your latest thread :( , you've not posted in the forum after that. I'm sure your old friends here would be happy to see you post again.
    You're welcome. So his mom is also...? This breaks my heart.
    Did you know him in real life? I lost my best internet friend almost two years ago, we never met in real life but we were really close. I think I might have an idea of how you feel. :(
    XicoPT stopped posting November 2008 but the last login was 09-25-2009, did he pass away shortly after that?
    Hi, I was going to ask why you wrote what you did on XicoPT's profile, if it was serious, but now when I see Clairavance's message here... it makes me sad. XicoPT passed away? I have no idea what happened and I don't know you, but I want to give you my condolences. :(
    Hi! Just wanted to give you my condolences - it's tough losing somebody you love. Hold him in your memory and he will never be forgotten. Keep strong! *hugs*
    AIM is similar to MSN, though less popular I imagine :lol:

    Sis that's cool, I can wait a little longer to chat to you. And Christmas/January time sounds great :p

    *Random mentioning of dogs and roses :lol:*
    I know sis, I so missed you *big hug from Ryan XD* Missed chatting and everything. Damn MSN. Sorry about your laptop sis. I have AIM now though, if you ever get it/have it then please tell me right away ^_^
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