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Recent content by cheezMcNASTY

  1. cheezMcNASTY

    What are you watching right now?

    Just watched all of Silicon Valley. Great show full of well-written, awkward humor.
  2. cheezMcNASTY


    I genuinely think he has an ulterior motive for the whole facade. One of his key platforms was an isolationist United States and, wouldn't you know it, we're severing ties left and right as a culminated result of all his behavior. What I hate about him is his absolute shamelessness, I think.
  3. cheezMcNASTY


  4. cheezMcNASTY

    Community member needs help

    Thanks for bumping. I would not have seen this otherwise. Did what I could. I've forum-known Markie for almost 10 years. She's a sweetheart and I know she wouldn't ask for help if she didn't need it. Anyone who has the means, it would mean the world to her.
  5. cheezMcNASTY

    What do you think about Brexit?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to bump this because Brexit passed a little while ago now. I was curious what citizens of the EU, more specifically the UK, think about this in retrospect. Anyone care to weigh in?
  6. cheezMcNASTY

    Xbox 360 peeps(or anyone console savvy)

    Those optic parts in a disc tray are pretty much shot if you knock one out of sync. Sometimes the motor that moves it can get worn over time which just means it's lived its natural life and is just worn out. If you are cleaning and force the motor around manually too much, you can break the...
  7. cheezMcNASTY

    Free Games

    HALO 5: FORGE FREE ON WINDOWS 10 Windows 10 Store / Xbox App Includes includes both the "Forge" and "Custom Games" portion of Halo 5 Create maps and play player-created content Full access to a file browser that supports creations from both platforms Supports up to 4K graphics Dedicated...
  8. cheezMcNASTY

    Dark Souls III

    I'm so ready for it...
  9. cheezMcNASTY

    What are you doing?Either at home,work or somewhere.

    Just finished my awesome first week as an IT. gonna grab a sandwich and go see the new Bourne with family
  10. cheezMcNASTY

    What are you doing?Either at home,work or somewhere.

    Diablo, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. I went from playing zero Blizzard games to playing ALL the Blizzard games. In the short span since Overwatch was released.
  11. cheezMcNASTY

    Suicide Squad reviews.

    Checking in to defend movie critics. They have an awesome job where they get paid to watch a movie and evaluate it. There is something wrong when people take the average critic score as the be all and end all. I don't think it's any single critics fault and I don't think it's Roger Eberts fault...
  12. cheezMcNASTY

    Split (M. Night Shyamalan)

    Yes. Silly is subjective and I find this silly. The character may alter his appearance when it happens (as hinted in the trailer) but you'd only be right if that happened on a full moon. That's why it's silly.
  13. cheezMcNASTY

    Split (M. Night Shyamalan)

    That's just silly.