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  • I've been in the middle of two arguing parents for the last week, and the way they argue with each other is just so immature (name calling and stuff like that).
    I always seem to be wondering how the hell they've managed to stay together for 28 years.

    I like your avi.
    It hasn't been on for that long and I haven't tried out many UMS (No lobbies, you just search in a huge long list after maps, in no alphabetical order whatsoever or search method)

    I've seen a few. But that's mostly circle defense. Not even a good poker defense. D=

    Individual Lurker Defense was just epic. To get to that last stage is so friggin' awesome! O_O
    I played bound games constantly with my friends. We were bounders together until the time came when we slipped apart. T_T

    I didn't play anything but UMS maps in the original, it's when I got Starcraft 2 that I got into this game so heavily. UMS maps like a few RPG maps, Bounds, Defense, and all that was the only I played.
    But mostly Bounds. They were my favorite. =D

    Cheese: Cheap all-in methods
    Rush: Quickly assemble troops and attack early game
    Push: Forcing your opponent back by setting pressure
    Contain: Hold forces around your opponents base, never letting him/her expand.
    Fast Expand: Quickly expand early on and focus on economy.

    I'm a Starcraft geek. :geek: Especially when Starcraft 2 was released.
    Do you play? :huh:

    Zerg rushing is not cheese though. Their 6pool is cheese, and that's the only one. The others aren't cheese, just rushes. Because rushes aren't cheese, pushes aren't rushes and containing isn't fast expanding. :p
    A term used in Starcraft. Cheap all-in methods in the game to just kill your opponent without much effort at the start. Nobody likes people who cheese. <.<
    i'm thinking of popping in and saying hello. i haven't been around in a little while, did anyone miss me?

    Yes :D
    Yeah, I like it too but for some reason on this site people are quite clique-y and it just lead to stupid flame wars. Over REP. Srsly. :rolleyes:
    We don't have a rep system here because people were spamming it like crazy and there were some receiving upwards of 1000 points per day just for saying stupid things like lol. On PE, they seem to be more sensible about it, so Steve reinstated it for everyone :)
    :lol: It's from Open Season - I just thought it was genius and had to have it :D
    Really cuz i swear that the last time that i checked how many episodes does it have for a friend of mine there were 3 episodes before a while.
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