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  • I'll pop in for a bit, yeah. Steve is very genuine - he just doesn't bother with all that "let's talk it over and take about three years to deal with a forum problem" BS that all of us do. He just gets rid as he sees fit.

    If I bring up something with him, he's all like "just get rid. Who cares? if they are causing problems, why keep them around?"

    Good policy, really :lol:
    LOL - I'll be honest, Steve is really hard to upset. I mean, seriously. He just does not do angry. If someone on the boards is being a prick, he's got zero time for them. Unlike the other staff (myself included) he doesn't faff about trying to work things out - he just sorts it instantly. He won't frequent a staff room or join a conversation about how to deal with someone; he just bans them :lol:

    He's genuinely nice when he's posting - even when some idiot threatened to hack him - and it comes across as almost creepy and rather disconcerting that he doesn't get riled up like everyone else :lol:
    i dont think people like me here :( meg sed i am insulting people. but im not. she hates me. :(

    how are you? :D
    Hmm...not sure I approve of Re being accused of insulting people...methinks I shall keep an eye on that...

    So how are things going? I might have something to share. Its not a big deal, but meh.
    IT'S going well I guess. Some stuff has been popping up here and there, but I think I'm handling it well enough.
    The template is the same but the forums themselves look a little different. Some nice new features though and some parts look rather sleek. Still getting used to it myself as ive never used Xenforo before and neither has Steve so we are all in the same boat. Servers down at the moment but should be up again soon as things are tweaked some more.
    Its been transferred and most is well and working fine. Just got to update some of the plug-ins and features we had and it should be up and running.
    Yes it would, only released the other day so we are having some teething problems at the moment but bare with us.
    We are currently working on data migration to new forum software you may get this from time to time while we figure some things out.
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