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    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition for Next Gen

    Part of me has to wonder if they're releasing both to gauge interest in which series people are more interested in; DmC or DMC. Also, is Ninja Theory handling the DMC4 Special Edition or an internal Capcom team?? Either way, exciting times lay ahead for Devil May Cry fans, here's hoping to more...
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    This man could play VERGIL!!! (Vergil is a VEGAN!)

    Before he goes in Super Saiyan mode, I always thought Brandon Routh in that film looked like he would be an AWESOME Dante based on the original DMCs. The attitude of that character even matches Dante. Dylan Dog Bounty Hunter is another film of his which isn't the greatest, but the character...
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    Spoiler Alert* Vergil's Downfall ending question

    So it would seem; Nelo Angelo - The new Demon King
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    Did anyone get Vergil's Downfall yet?

    The official facebook page just posted that it was available on PS3 and PC. I'm a 360 player so I don't know haha.
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    What I would change about Bloody Palace

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    For those that have Vergil's Downfall already...

    How did you redeem the code? I'm an Xbox user, and have my 11 digit GameStop code from my receipt, and it says to enter the code at the DmC website, but there is no code entry. I saw where some were typing the code in elsewhere and downloading the DLC. Can anyone confirm that they have managed...
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    Vergil downfall New PV

    This is going to seriously cut into my Tomb Raider time...
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    Downloading BP on Xbox now!

    No achievements though :/
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    Bloody Palace is up on PSN now...

    No trophies/achievements?? Bummer
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    Where's bloody palace?

    Bloody Palace isn't available on 360 until tomorrow, we gotsta wait. Is it a separate DLC that requires downloading from the PSN Store?
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    Where's bloody palace?

    It's not DLC, it's an update, right? So it won't be on PSN/XBLM. When you start your game it will prompt you to update and then Bloody Palace will be available. That's my understanding at least.
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    Any DmC fans hyped for MGR?

    Loved, loved, loved the MGS series. Emphasis on loveD. MGS is one of my all-time favorite series. With that being said, the story really ended for me with 4. 4 was the best ending to any series I've ever seen. In my opinion, it perfectly closed every story line and answered every question I had...
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    Classical Modern Vergil

    Looks awesome! I would only suggest changing the designs on his coat from that brown color to white, to closer match the designs on Classic Vergil's jacket. I don't even know if that's possible though, since I have absolutely zero knowledge of modding haha. Looks cool though!
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    Bloody Palace mode coming 20/02/13.

    US PS3 users get it on the 19th. Euro PS3/360/US 360 get it on the 20th, according to Devil May Cry's Facebook page.
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    When's vergils downfall coming out?

    End of February is all we know so far.