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Recent content by BrawlMan

  1. BrawlMan

    The ranting thinking thread

    I am sorry. That is just not right. They better not pull the "I/We didn't have a choice" bullshit. Where do you even find these people? Freaking asshole hackers. Enough I already! People are suffering enough; quit adding to the ****ing misery pile and joining in the assholes who want to got to...
  2. BrawlMan

    DmC sequel rumor

    Challenge accepted!
  3. BrawlMan

    What are you currently playing?

    I played some Kill La Kill IF. I think this game is still the best anime arena finder, but it does lack in content. I still think it could have used a couple more characters in a roster, even with the free DLC that came with two extra characters. The why they were DLC in the first place is...
  4. BrawlMan

    The ranting thinking thread

    What sucks is that the guy has good content, but I don't want look at any of it anymore, because of his sickening behavior. His first RE8 hate video I can deal with, because he mainly kept is speculation and dislike focused on the game. But in the 2nd video, which I linked, he went too far and...
  5. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    "Inspirations" I was not big on, but I am more so talking about the COD parts. Ironic, because Cliff and his team were inspired by RE4. Now RE4 did have some cover mechanics, but basic obviously. Other games, whether action or horror, took those mechanics further. That case is called coming...
  6. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    I agree with RE6. As for Silent Hill, I am glad it took a different approach to horror. SH was always about the atmosphere. I am not the biggest SH fan, but I have huge respect for SH1-3/Team Slient games. The SH franchise tended to be the Jacob's Ladder or Stephen King equivalent of games...
  7. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    I do thank you for supplying the evidence. With that said, there still some COD/Gears elements in RE6. Or trends in mainstream games that have become cliche or too common place. Such as the objective marker (or the waypoint that is measured in meters) to the next checkpoint or key item...
  8. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    It's okay. At least now we understand each other. I actually don't mind RE5, despite its problems. With 5, there is fun to be had. 6 on the other had I can't stand, despite the fact that you can finally shoot and move at the same time. I will give 6 credit for having a huge enemy and monster...
  9. BrawlMan

    Relatively unpopular opinions about any and everything

    Not every brawler needs RPG, "skill point", or DMC upgrade elements. It does not automatically make it good nor does it give a game depth or replay value. Thankfully, small or indie developers learned and proved early on how stupid this is and avoided such design choices. Proving how gaming...
  10. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    Like I said, ignorance on my part, I skimmed a lot, but what I mainly saw some of yours. My main focus was on thesaunderschild posts. Just because I agree with him on some things, does not mean I agree with @Goldsickle with everything, Would you please relax? You have some points too, but no...
  11. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    Just so we're clear, I did not even realize you were arguing with him.That is ignorance on my part. No need for the attitude. And I ain't kissing anyone's ass. Whatever disagreements you have is fine, but don't take it too far.
  12. BrawlMan

    The ranting thinking thread

    Jesus, how far up their own ass do they have to be to get it? It woukd be like me saying that Devil May Cry 1 was never going to be a sequel to RE4 despite plenty of evidence and holdover designs in the game.
  13. BrawlMan

    Do you think Resident Evil has gone downhill?

    I agree with you. I just didn't bother putting it out cuz I figured it was obvious by this point. I thank you anyway. Also everyone, can we stop with the pettiness. Not so much you @Goldsickle. You've been pretty reasonable. @thesaunderschild, please don't be that guy. I get it, you just don't...
  14. BrawlMan

    DMC5: SE Special Edition is finally here!!! AND I'M FINALLY FEELIN' MOTIVATED!

    I saw the Vergil taunt! I find it freaking hilarious.
  15. BrawlMan

    Wha Happun? - DMC2

    Just so we're clear I'm not talking about the peoples in the comment sections. I was just referring to the videos themselves. If you don't care that's fine. And you still have the freaking attitude dude. You can quit it. I'm not the one on a soapbox. You've done that well yourself, so you can...