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    1st N.A. fight makes me worried

    Hello OP, and welcome to the classic that is DMC1 but I'm gonna have to disagree with this gentleman here. Even tho according to the chronological canon DMC3 is a prequel to DMC1, I still humbly suggest playing DMC1 first, because the canon assumes you have knowledge of the events of DMC1 when...
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    DMC5 Survey

    Thanks for the link! tho it was a bit difficult to squeeze decent criticism into 250 characters :p
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    I too was thinkin that a DMC1 remake would be a good move before DMC6. A graphical overhaul would do the trick, as u guys suggested. This would also open the door to the DMC universe for the newcomers.. Do eet capcom!
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    Duuuuude it's been AGES since I last saw that image! Brings back memories of a time long since past heh. I must've beaten DMC1 around 50 times. Beat it in DMD as well - back in the ps2 days when there were no trophies. I loved the game that much! DMC3 and 5 are good games, but DMC1 is still the...
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    Finally a DMC game that can rival DMC3... so then

    I hope this is the final entry for the main storyline. Doing more would be overkill imo. Also, The gameplay looks and feels top notch so it's super fun to play, and combat mechanics surpass the systems of the previous entries, yes, but what I can't forgive is the decisions they've made with...
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    Posted this on the other thread but I guess this is the right place for such discussion so here goes, Also, I have to agree with this;
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    Spoiler Thread

    Devil Sword Dante is a win to me. The story needed a fresh approach to keep Dante afloat imo.
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    News and Updates (No Personal Posts)

    https://www.vg247.com/2019/03/06/devil-may-cry-5-reviews-scores-round-up-pc-ps4-xbox-one/ Dmc 5 review roundup
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    I have no clue how u interpreted vergil being urizen from that trailer. It seems to me that urizen sends dante and nero into a dream dimension where they have to square off against Vergil.
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    Hahaha hohoho after the final trailer I'm finally convinced this is gonna be a good game. Vergil is BACK, Dante's past is explored in flashbacks, Nero faces his father Vergil, Dante saves Trish again, and the story has an epicly ridiculous scope. What more could a DMC fan ask for? wowowow is all...
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    I'm so glad I went back and played this in the HD collection

    The atmosphere, art direction (color palette to be specific) and game design in DMC is top notch. Instant classic
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    Is Sanctus a lowly final boss?

    I still can't stomach the fact that dmc4 was a subpar game
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    DMC4SE : DMC1 Dante w/ Alastor

    Love it!