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    Who was more fun to play as?

    I like the simplicity of Nero, but I'll have to go with Dante for the wider range of moves and more weapons. Now if Nero had Yamato outside of DT then this would be a different story.
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    I just now realized

    I did mean DMC3, they sounded sooooooo goofy. I actually found DmC's voice acting quite realistic, especially Vergil.
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    The ranting thinking thread

    Apple Product Rant: iOS 8 is f*cking terrible. The Internet's all screwey now and I can't type something without something popping up. iPhone 6Plus is expensive as hell.
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    I just now realized

    Is it me or were Dante and Vergil's voices ridiculously cartoonish in that game?
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    Matter of design

    Bloody Mari, Death and Sins, Shadow, Nightmare, Mundus' true form, Despair Embodied, Finis Demons, Chessmen, Angelo Agnus and Credo, Drekavacs, Wisps, and Imprisoners.
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    Next DMC at TGS??

    Personally, I don't want to wrap the series up, but I want to continue it. Honestly this franchise would be a f*cking juggernaut if it got regular releases like RE does.
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    I just now realized

    Let's Rock!
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    "You're not worthy as my opponent"

    Arkham on DMD, absolutely ridiculous. It's tedious, not fun, and we have Vergil just not doing sh*t. Come on, this is supposed to be the climatic battle with the Sparda twins versus their pseudo dad. Instead we have useless Vergil and we have DT and styles taken away, not to mention the Legions...
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    How Old Is Dante??

    Around his DMC1 age which is assumed to be 29, so early 30's I believe.
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    taunt in DmC

    Well in DMC3, Vergil kept trash talking with phrases like "scum", "die", "you trash" and other things despite the fight having more emotional depth than DmC's fight in my opinion.
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    Does anybody still call the reboot Dante "emo?"

    Er...emo isn't right for him. I'd call it thug life because of the sex, drugs, overuse of alchohol.
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    What Are You Thinking?

    Well guys, I'm sorry for disappearing these past weeks, but my laptop was acting up and I had to get it fixed which meant no internet activity. But I'm back and up and running and I hope you guys haven't forgotten me!
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    Nero's origins - What do you think?

    You can't post images on here currently. Perhaps a link to Photobucket or something?
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    Nero's origins - What do you think?

    You can't.
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    Nero's origins - What do you think?

    Found on the orphanage doorstep. In a black cloak. Black. Nero. Nero Angelo. Vergil. Get it?:cool: