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Blue Rose
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  • I've been around a couple of websites and forums all over the internet, and I've come to realize that many people experience different glitches/problems presented by Sheva's A.I.

    I, myself have found it to be impossible to beat the final boss via weapons.
    I have to kill it with the "Knife Scene".
    Some people claim to have heard Shaman in the Wesker fight, and others have said they can't pull themselves up as Sheva.
    I've experienced the BGM completely stopping.

    Sheva's A.I. depends on how you equip her and what your command is.
    Allot of people say they didn't have much of any problem with Sheva's A.I., but I've heard way more say that they did.

    If you got anything specific to ask, go ahead.
    And don't worry about the comments on thread bumping. It has some logic to it.
    If a thread is too old you know the wrap, but some people just wanna desperately be moderators. :D
    I call it being thirsty.

    Just dust it of and be cool, broham.
    I have noticed that you are bumping threads. Let me explain what is this bump thing.
    Before posting in a thread, check the date of the last reply. Example: today is 05-29-2009. If the last reply in a thread was made in (example) 02-03-2009, then don't post in that thread anymore.
    If you want to post, then start a new thread with the same subject okay?
    Sorry for the late reply. That's awesome, my video game collection isn't that big but I do love the Kingdom Hearts and the Soul Calibur games.
    It's just so big. Things that big are not suposed to move :lol: :lol: I like to draw, listen to music, read, run, all that kind of stuff. How about you?
    :lol: I can't remmeber any other cutscenes, but the first time I saw the gargantuan statue thing I was like "WTF...I have to fight that?!" o_O
    Oh, okay, sorry :lol: My favorite is when Dante is messing around, I think when he carves a heart out of stone and then he strikes this pose with a rose in his mouth :lol:. I haven't seen them in a while so my memory might be a little rusty.
    There's a mose in the game? o_O I haven't played much of DMC4, all I've really seen is the beginning and the funny cut scenes :lol:
    Hey. I'll add you on my friends list. Is that okay?
    Btw you need to give an answer on the profile of the user you are talking to, not yours.
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