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  • I am deleting all your links within your posts - once is enough and now it's just off topic for the most part. Please stop posting the same video over and over again. Do what Demon Genral suggests and place the link in your signature instead.

    UPDATE: If you persist in posting this link any more then i will have no choice but to consider you a spammer and have to removed from the site.
    just a tip if you want people to look at your link put it in your signature instead of typing it down all the time
    There should be a signature button where it has your name up at the top ^^^
    just click the arrow pointing down next to your name; find "signature" and click on it
    It will bring up a window where you can type something, but above the text box,
    there is two little icons. 1 is for pictures; 2 is for video urls
    click on the "video" icon and copy and paste whatever video url you have into the space thats given
    the video button actually says "media" over it when its highlighted, it looks like a video reel
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