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Recent content by BLACKSWIPE


    Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

    Yeah, I completely agree. Narratively it felt...short. Nero suddenly caring about a family he didn't even know he had, a lack of Kyrie, his guilt with Credo barely explored, etc. I played through 4 the other day and I have to say, for as narratively flawed as it was, it felt more confident in...

    How Hideki Kamiya imagines DMC5...

    Agreed with that tweet. Devil May Cry at it's core is insane anime action. While I kind of like the God of War revamp, I just can't see the same thing working for Devil May Cry. DMC has always been about a cocky, over the top protagonist with god-like powers. Stripping that from Dante (classic...

    Aspects of DmC to make be incorporated into DMC

    Man, it's been literal years since I've posted on this site- but I'll bite. I'd love for some of the hard, industrial sound of DmC to make its way into DMC 5. Like it or not, it meshed really well with the electronic thrash rock we got in 3 and 4.


    Some more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=133&v=fHFFK3BXuBo -First look at villages, NPCS, alternate weapons, Thuban customization, and inventory screens. https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/3mmd8t/scalebound_heres_how_exclusive_deal_with/ Condescend Article: -Platinum Games...

    Definitely not my video but: Dante vs Credo x 3

    Absolutely insane. Look at that zigzag near the end when he's dodging all of those frickin spears. That's some real bullshit animoo talent right there. New DMC anime when.

    Power Wise.... is Nero at the end of DMC 4

    Personally I think he's around the range of Devil May Cry 3 Dante. DMC 1 Dante would absolutely smash Nero considering Dante kind of soloed Mundus, the demon GOD, and surpassed his father. I don't see Nero ever really getting to the level of DMC 1 Dante any time soon in the continuity.

    RIP Konami

    Jesssuuusss. God, I hope Capcom never goes the way of Konami. Jesus this is sad.

    Evangelion Creator: "Anime Industry Declining"

    Interestingly enough Manga is consumed like hotcakes there. There's actual profit to be made in serializing manga talent, rather than pumping out an animated rom-com then charging a billion yen for the bluray/dvd.

    Evangelion Creator: "Anime Industry Declining"

    Agreed. I can't handle the overly cutesy stuff myself, especially the voices. Oh god, the voices.

    Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

    I just can't wait to see Guts wreck **** with the DragonSlayer. Blood, carnage, and violence.

    Evangelion Creator: "Anime Industry Declining"

    Watching cutesy things being cutesy is completely different, than- a cutesy character obviously intended to look like a child, who's so very conveniently fallen over to expose her panties. I had a good laugh back in 2007 over Lucky Star, no harm there. Weren't the girls in LS like, 17-18?

    Evangelion Creator: "Anime Industry Declining"

    This may sound like a bit of a derogatory thing to say, but sexualizing children most definitely makes you a degenerate. Both the fans and those who pander to those sorts of people. Also, I don't get that last bit? We should blame people who make quality anime/manga for not holding the attention...

    Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

    Love that game, friend let me play it for a bit on his PS2. But...the animation used in the Golden Age films is a lot better than the awful PS2 era textures in the game.

    Evangelion Creator: "Anime Industry Declining"

    I don't know man if the anime industry will ever grow out of the "sexual young girl" fad, considering how degenerate otakus only seem to grow in numbers each year. Who knows when anime will ever recover as a medium.

    Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

    As much as I love Berserk, I could not care about anything else being animated other than the ****ing Berserker Armor being animated. God, that's all I want in this lifetime.