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Recent content by BlackAngel

  1. BlackAngel

    DMC4 rewrite ideas

    I'll just start off as Vergil travelled to Fortuna to find clues how to gain the Power of Sparda. Also, how he met Nero's mother and how he fully embraced his "dark side". (The Visions of V has a solid backstory of Vergil's tragic backstory. I would use that as foundation of his character in...
  2. BlackAngel

    Dante Killing Humans

    When it comes to Dante's feelings, views, and experiences with humanity. The story should focus on his childhood and possibly to look at his dark past that made him the man he is today. They should've start from after the death of Dante's mother, when a man named Ernest (I think that's his name...
  3. BlackAngel

    Capcom hates Dante?

    No wonder the story is so weak.
  4. BlackAngel

    Ask the Staff Anything

    What do you think about this fan made scene of Episode 1?
  5. BlackAngel

    So, those millions of people Vergil got killed... again.(SPOILERS)

    I liked the manga better than the game's story. At least the manga showed why Vergil is the way he is, and how he was misguided by his own pain. That he thought human emotions made him weak, so he would do anything to gain strength and forsake his humanity.
  6. BlackAngel

    So, those millions of people Vergil got killed... again.(SPOILERS)

    I think the writers are just lazy and incompetent to make a story. So they copy/paste the story from DMC3 where Vergil and Arkham unlocked the Temi-ni-gru tower and enter hell to gain Sparda's power, just with new characters and a tree with human blood and the evil Vergil want to gain strength...
  7. BlackAngel

    SDT Dante Suck

    What baffles me is that he already has a ultimate DT on DMC2 where he's virtually indestructible, and can easily one shot any enemy and boss in the game. So, how did Dante is unable to use that form, but he has a new form where he stabbed himself and he still takes damage? This is an alarming...
  8. BlackAngel

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  9. BlackAngel

    Hot news: Itsuno wanted to do a DmC2!

    He must be out of his goddamn mind.
  10. BlackAngel

    Hot news: Itsuno wanted to do a DmC2!

    Does the man thinks before he decides if it's the best course of action? Honestly.
  11. BlackAngel

    Vergil romance.

    Check this one out. This is an example of what a relationship was suppose to be like in the DMC series. If they recruit writers who excell at seinen/18+.
  12. BlackAngel

    Vergil romance.

  13. BlackAngel

    The Last of Us may be getting remade!

    This is some bullshit!
  14. BlackAngel

    Overhaul & Rewrite Devil May Cry 4- Special Edition.

    Nah, it's too unrealistic and it's gear towards PG-13 and +13. I was expecting a mature, serious, focused, and intelligent character who can solve murders of the supernatural. He can still be hot headed and have a temper, but make it the way that it's realistic. I would suggest that they should...
  15. BlackAngel

    Do You Want Kentaro Miura (Berserk) As A Writer For The DMC Series

    You never know. He may make an exception to write for the DMC series.