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    Some of my work

    This is the one video that took me so long to make. The research and translation wasn't the worst of it, it wasn't how I had to get the game and record on a PC that was better than mine, it was the hand drawn animation. This video took me from almost when I started this project to just a few...
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    What are you currently playing?

    Today is Bayonetta’s 10 year anniversary so I think I’ll play that.
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    VERGIL-NESS > :)

    Just watch it. Don't ask, just watch and then comment after.
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    News and Updates (No Personal Posts)

    I have no idea what this is
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    Error on the cover of the devil may cray 5 ps4 disk case

    There is no difference between the regular and deluxe discs. Everything deluxe about that version is in DLC format.
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    Some of my work

    This particular film is one I very much believe in. Most people brushed it off because it was a Van Damme film but that is precisely what makes it so good, in a sort of irony. The association of how he makes bad movies is what allows it to exceed expectations.
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    Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

    I kind of like it. Morrison was not interesting, at all. He's a bit more animated now, no pun, and his personality has grow. Yes, to the latter. Usually that kind of thing irritates me but I don't mind it here. Not for this case since I have so little attachment to the anime. I feel ya. I...
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    What Are You Thinking?

    Apparently I've been here 8 years today... You are all welcome.
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    My DMC1 Materials

    I wish I had tangible evidence that this is real. This translation is very old, older than DMC3, I think. DMC1 went through so many story revisions it's hard to know from which this came from or even if it did, in fact, come from the official replicas. I wanted to buy them many years ago but the...
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    Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

    It's not that it had to be Gilver, specifically, but that it was him that killed Gru, Nell and all the people in the bar. He was instrumental in the events of the novel but he wasn't replaced by anyone. They simply still happened and they still happened right before DMC1 does. Even more...
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    Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

    Yeah, I pointed out a whole bunch that bugged the hell out of me. Namely the attempt to incorporate 1's while excluding Gilver but not explaining how it all went down the same, anyway, and how these and other events all have zero chronological sense. Yeah, I'm not sure what the purpose of this...
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    Future of DMC thread

    I had heard something to that effect, that there was discussion of it but it's hard to know if anything ever came into fruition or if it was ever going to go in that direction. Seriously? You sound like a father telling the wife not to let the kids get attached to the puppy. Besides, how was it...
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    Future of DMC thread

    DMC isn't JoJo. This isn't supposed to be a generational hand me down or chronicle. You don't replace Indiana Jones with his son or James Bond with his nephew. If they're good enough they get their own spin off or series, like Terry McGinnis, not take over in the original.
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    Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

    And what do you think Dino Crisis is? Onimusha, DMC and Dino Crisis were all made with the RE formula. Onimusha was going to be a Samurai era RE, DMC was going to be RE, and Dino Crisis was very much pitched as RE with dinosaurs. Are you saying that all castles look alike? Because these 2...