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  • Well for people who are just an alt guild they where helpful^_^

    One of them ran me thru a difficult quest.

    Anyway, let me know when you are online next.:)
    Thanks for your help yesterday, I met some of your guildmates^_^

    btw, what happened to you? You just fell offline for awhile.
    Oh yeah, kind of failed to see you did make a wish :laugh: I guess I thought of it as more of a selfish comment. Yes, it is what everyone wishes... I just didn't expect you to put it as the wish you'd have if you could only have ONE wish come true.

    Ince again, sorry... I was a bit foolish there, and I apologize. Hopefully we can say no more about it, pal ;)
    Bandoor, I'm sorry.

    I apologize for my behaviour, pal. I never meant to get a little snappy at you or anything. I respect your wish and everything, and your views on the subject. It's just, I've been less tolerant lately due to other issues. I guess I flipped for no reason, but I hope you understand. All I am saying is, if you really can't say your wish... Then in the most politest way I can say this, please do not post in the thread... if it's not relevant, it's just offtopicness... And, I don't want it closed of a silly argument such as who wished what .etc.

    I'm not annoyed at you right now, or anything.... I still respect you 100%... If that even means anything :laugh: But yeah, you haven't done anything wrong... I just want you to see my reasoning for why I said those things.
    And once again, I wish you wouldn't spam my thread. If you can't tell me or anyone, don't post... > Very simple >.>

    But if you actually can tell someone, but it's personal... Then you can tell me in a PM< if you want to tell me or anyone; that is :D
    At night?

    Whose time zone? I think there is a time difference between New York and imagination land:laugh:

    Oh, I added Planz and Deathkate, did you add me yet?
    Hey dood, how long are you going to be away for?

    Well, you don't need to tell me but remember you are alwase welcome here and on our PoP fansite.

    But when you are back, let me know ok?

    see you later I guess, abd I hope you sort everything out soon.
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