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Recent content by B4db0y

  1. B4db0y

    THAI,Rock,Kawasaki Mod

    Who can re-upload this one?
  2. B4db0y

    Black-kat - DmC™ Alternative Outfit Texture Mod

    Thanks a lot for the re-upload.
  3. B4db0y

    Reskin: E3 2011

    Probably if you add a white sole in the boots, will be cool as well just like a version 2 and with black earrings :)
  4. B4db0y

    Super Dante skin

  5. B4db0y

    Reskin: MVC3 Colors

    Let me know, I got some... for example can you make a DmC Dante like the E32011 but with the black earrings just like my profile pic?
  6. B4db0y

    Reskin: E3 2011

    It is amazing dude!
  7. B4db0y

    Reskin: MVC3 Colors

    Good stuff, keep it up do you continue modding for DmC? Great!
  8. B4db0y

    Rad's Devil Never Cry Dante Reskin

    Make a v2, if you still active one of my favorite mods so far...
  9. B4db0y

    Rad's Devil Never Cry Dante Reskin

    Sweet as hell!
  10. B4db0y

    Dragon Dante

  11. B4db0y

    Lost Soul

    Link down, I will love to give a try!
  12. B4db0y

    Darkside Dante

    We need more mods! despites this is a 2013 game!
  13. B4db0y

    Original Costume + Son of Sparda Pre-Packed Textures

    Honestly, do you have the instructions so we can replace textures? thanks :)