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  • Like I'd ever miss a Scott Pilgrim reference. XD
    Hey Autumn, will you let me know how you get on with the DRM thingy. If that doesn't work, i'll try and find another way.
    If that's the only solution and it doesn't work, I'm sorry I couldn't be of anymore help.
    The worst that could happen is that you'd have to restart a new game.

    Just a thought, Couldn't you restart a new game without using the DLC?
    I dunno. The DLC is already there. All it is is extra weapons and the boxer skin that you get as a present in the sanctuary so I don't know how to not use it other than delete it. Does that make sense? No worries, appreciate your time! ^.^
    you're welcome :D
    apparently if you start a new game, your DLC won't work. so i suppose you could always have a save file for dlc and another without dlc (that's if you can do that)... but i know it's alot of hassle
    Hi, thankies for the follow. ^^ I hope your holidays have been good so far. :)
    You seem fun, especially with your creepy ghost stories!
    Aww, thank you. ^^; Hehe. *feels awkward telling her ghost stories* I find you enjoyable to talk to, as well. ^^
    Aww, thank you! It's a great game, and you'll love it when you get to it. :'D
    I'm on chapter 3 and I'm still waiting for the story to start. It seems a bit like real life at the mo, they're all just doing missions to get by, lol.
    Oh, awesome! Yeah, it kinda felt that way to me too. I thought the idea of taking dangerous jobs for other people was kinda cool. :'D
    that story you wrote on who would you vote for better have a happy ending i have images of you in a corner with him crying and that makes me upset
    Laurence Barnes
    thats no freak i was whatchin 18s when i started school thanks to my big sister
    Yays, that's just like me except it was my big brother! I watched Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm Street, Candy Man.. ah, those were the days!
    Laurence Barnes
    the days where you had no idea and parents would be shouting at your older sibling while you pretend to eat your toys as a monster lol
    Hi, just thought I'd come say hello personally, I love your avi, would it be a snow wolf?

    Don't worry everyone's realy nice here ^_^ so, what sort of anime do you like?
    Yeah, it's Kiba from Wolf's Rain. I'm not that keen on the anime but the animation was gorgeous!
    I like all sorts as long as it’s not nasty. My fav’s would be Ouran High School Host Club, Tactics, Death Note, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Azumanga Daioh, Cromartie High and loads more but there's a limit on who much I can post!
    I know that feeling! I tend to like most anime I watch, but don't realy know what's about, my friend realy likes it so if he finds a good one we tend to watch it together, Chaos;Head was quite good I thought and I found Kanokon very sweet at times. Oh and I'm currently watching Shinryaku! Ikka Musame, which is quite funny I must say!
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