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Recent content by Anton Clemens

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    Combo Tournament for The Fighting Game Community

    Would you watch two guys on EVO trying to find out who is more cuhrayzee? I mean today even Catherine multiplayer can be a discipline, then why not DMC?
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    Before the nightmare

    He pretends to be a playa but we never saw him in any kind of relationship, also he doesn't have friends. I guess he never gets too close to anyone.
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    Kail the DMC3 GOD is returning for DMC5.

    Absolute god of spamming one aerial attack. You sound like a fanboy because you don't know a better player.
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    Kail the DMC3 GOD is returning for DMC5.

    Kail is mediocre.
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    No new threads on 4chan, cuhrayzee general board is dead, Cuhrayzee Fandom Wiki is dead. I subscribed 20 DMC channels and most of them stopped making new combo videos about a month ago, some of them either make DmC or DMC 4 combo videos. Since they are not working on collaborations I have only...
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    Didn't find any official ranting threads. Doesn't matter, I got it off my chest.
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    I started one and then it was closed.
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    To share my frustration.
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    Couldn't bring myself to buy it.
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    There will be DMC 6. I'm just wondering how many people are going to buy it if it looks just like DMC 5? How many sequels does it take to make people sick of the franchise? Wake me up in twenty years and ask me what is going on in this forum. I'll say people are waiting for DMC 9 where Dante...
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    General DMC 5 Discussion

    Further to this thread: https://devilmaycry.org/forums/threads/why-does-this-game-even-exist.23902/ It seems to me that Capcom doesn't know what to do with the series. Look at Platinum Games, they always try something new and yet they don't get the same praise and sales. Two million copies. For...
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    Why does this game even exist?

    Disclaimer: Didn't play the game and never will. My opinion is based on the videos of other people, so correct me if I'm wrong. And if I make some grammar errors sorry for my English. As far as I understand, none of the characters has any arc. They have stopped evolving since the 4th game. Even...
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    Dante needs a girlfriend

    But Dante is gae. He's not interested in girls at all.
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    What's up with the DMC Wiki?

    https://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/Devil_May_Cry_Wiki On both sides of the web page there are Dantes from DMC 2 and DmC. Aren't they the most hated versions of Dante?